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"I ask ye, Cap'n, whose idea was it to attack that vessel?" Lew inquired coldly.

"Arrr!! Belay that!" Captain Mark growled, "How was I supposed to know that the ship we attacked was part of a very well-guarded treasure fleet!?"

"We might have at least taken a look about before giving them a hearty broadside..." grumbled Bob.

"Shipmates, there be no need for quarreling. As soon as we step ashore on yonder island we'll get us a new boat and sail the seas once again!"

The Captain's talk calmed his disgruntled crew but then the first mate called out...

"Ahoy Captain!"

"Arrr! Forget it Preston! You know as well as I that we ran out of rum yesterday..."

"No, Captain, there is a ship on the port side but a half a mile away! I think she be one of the Spanish Galleons that gave us a rough reception a few days past."

They all sat in silence for a moment.

The stillness was broken when Captain Mark bellowed...

"Row for your lives, me hearties!! She's set her course straight for us!"

"That's a mighty hard thing to do when we only got one paddle Cap'n...!"


To be continued. Arrr..

The first of many pirate scenes to come. :wink:

Thanks for viewing and have a great day!


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I saw this on Flickr and was wondering when you were going to post this. I am currently doing a series as well. This seems like a very great start. Another amazing one by an incredible builder. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Nice. I look at your flickr a lot and am very impressed with your work (especially your latest ship). I love the water technique you use here. No doubt part of your "Mark of Tortuga" series.

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