Battle at the Ruins of Mehd

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Squire Rikhard 'Redbird' Greisun was anxious to return to Mpya Stedor, but preparations for the journey took longer than expected. Fresh horses had to be arranged, as well as calls for volunteers to escort the Mpya Stedor contingent through the mountains (a faster route than the trade road).

The Zuuree twins, Wahl and Lohp, joined representing the Cobalt Vale City Guards. From Vesw Nol, the first mountain they'd have to traverse, came Kynkayd Hernbolnd. Rounding out the troupe, a Mountain Mummy committed to the journey by Namses Setesh. With their knowledge of the area, the trip through the mountains went by with the speed Rikhard was hoping for.

When the group came within spyglass sight of the Ruins of Mehd, the Squire stopped to scan the site for places of potential ambush. He spotted a small group of skeleton soldiers moving around in the southern end of the ruins. He ordered everyone to dismount, and the horses to be tethered under a near-by outcropping.

A battle plan was quickly drawn, and their advance on the ruins began.


BRH Squire 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(At the start of the battle, Squire Greisun dropped his spyglass, confident he would be alive to retrieve it later.)


BRH Squire 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(The Mountain Mummy, who refused to give his name, was adamant about staying at the Squire's side for his protection.)


BRH Squire 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr


BRH Palace Guards 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(The Palace Guards insisted on being the innitial charge.)


BRH First Strike by gedren_y, on Flickr

(Glory of the first swing.)


BRH Archer 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(The Wall Guard, with his shorter bow, hopped upon the rock for a better shot.)


BRH Lohp and Kynkayd by gedren_y, on Flickr

(Kynkayd's blade, with its temporary fear enchantment, drives an enemy towards Lohp's spear.)


BRH Market Guards 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(The Market Guards are eager to test their new Nestlands blades.)


BRH Dragon 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(Wahl prepares for a shot, but finds his footting unsteady. What is he standing on?)


BRH Dragon 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(The bones of an ancient wyrm. Could the enemy have been looking to reanimate this?)


BRH Enemy 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr


BRH Enemy 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr


BRH Enemy 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(The enemy leader. It took Squire Greisun's enchanted spear, thrown like a javelin, to dispatch him.)

The battle was short, but draining. No casualties, but several had wounds that needed cleansing before they could deal with the enemies' remains. Rikhard retrieved his spyglass, and a wyrm bone to give to Lord Damaximus.

The enemies' bodies were moved away from the ruins and burned, along with their weapons and armor. With this done, they returned to their horses and camped for the evening. It would be another three day trek to reach Mpya Stedor.


I have some bad overview shots (I hate this camera) to give you a sense of the layout.


Hopefully Lord Damaximus will give these warriors a rousing reception.

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I felt like I was watching the old Batman show with Adam West. The angled camera shots are very reminiscent of the classic "POW" scenes. In a good way :wink:

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Nice sandscaping and figure posing! I enjoyed the commentary as well, and the Wyvern skeleton is a great touch! :thumbup:

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Epic position of the minifigs!!

Like I said in one of your previous MOC's, I love how you custom the minifigs :classic:

You also created a very nice lay-out for the battle :thumbup:

When they will arrive at Mpya Stedor, we will take care of them :classic:

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