[POLL] What would you Pay for Instructions?


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  1. 1. how much would you pay for an instruction?

    • nothing
    • 5 €uros
    • 10 €uros
    • 15 €uros

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Personally it all depends on the instructions quality anything half as good as blackbirds renders 10/15 euros I would never pay anything for the photo files used by builders like madocca with the exception of maybe 1-2 euros on some better models and LDD files i have never used but based on other people speculations 5 euros at the most :)


You are bumping a year old topic, which already got bumped....

Be careful with that next time. Thanks!

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Nice topic! I may pay up to 5-10 Euros (5 is better) for the impressive big MOC for which I have at least 90-95% of required parts...

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I would pay what I thought was equitable AFTER seeing the instructions. I have had only one experience buying instructions. I paid $29.50 for instructions on MOCPlans. I waited and waited for instructions on how to get them in what I had assumed would be a PDF file format. After doing some searching around I learned one doesn’t get a PDF file. You get permission to see the instructions online! Wow what a mistake I made in not being more careful about the details of purchasing instructions in that manner. I can’t afford the data cost of being online and sit around putting parts together. So now I go to the library and create some poor quality JPGs and go home and plod forward. Probably will never finish the project.

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Personally, no body should have to go through the effort to create instructions, in depth details are good enough for me. If you have a plan for Lego models, occasionally take a picture, if you have no order (like me) Take pictures with the casing (is this the proper term?) off. For me, I prefer to build my own custom stuff, so instructions are only useful for stuff like suspension, or to see what others make, or how they developed a certain model...

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So I guess you think instructions are useful but also have no value except for the secrets others have developed. Right?

I agree. No one should HAVE to create instructions except for a monetary gain.

If they are being created for monetary gain, they should at least be:

)1 affordable

)2 excellent quality

)3 downloadable as a PDF file

If they are being created to just share the joy of making a really positive innovation with others of the same interest, then there should be some fraternal identity which would suggest that there is no intent for monetary gain.

Regards, Roger Bush

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