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As a request of lightningtiger I want to take the chance to show you a few pictures of my small fire station I built in 2011. It's a mixture of the 2009 official headquarter (#7945) with a few more realistic extras based on a classic baseplate. A little garage extension on the left side completes the look.

As you can imagine, this station shall not be a headquarter, just a small institution placed in the suburbs. There are only an engine and a ladder for fire prevention. The engine is also equipped with apparatus for technical asstistance. The little car is for every day deliveries between the different fire stations.








An old school oberhead projector


I put some more more details on it like the exhaust gas hoses or a big foam nozzle


There is room for two big trucks



The small garage


A neat little garden for recreation


The fire apparatus


And these are some of guys who are on duty. Well, the ballons are in german language only, 'cause they are part of a comic...

Hope, you'll have fun watching these pictures. C&C very welcome!

Best regards,


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Now that's what I was waiting for.......AWESOME fire station 'Farnheim'.......but what's in the text balloons I don't speak much German ? :blush:

In any case excellent designing....looks to a heavily pimped up 2007 fire station......Brick On 'Farnheim' ! :classic:

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Very nice work Farnheim! Looks like a modernized version of 6571 Flame Fighters while keeping with 4W's. Nice set of trucks too! How many fire emergency vehicles do you think you have now? I'm also curious as to what is the apparatus on the the back of the one truck, right garage bay, 3rd & 9th pic down :classic:

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Very nice! The modern fire station style looks great on an old-fashioned baseplate. The traffic light and overhead projector are nifty additions. If TLG made fire stations like this...

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Thanks a bunch everyone for your feedback.

@ LT: The balloons say from left to right starting with the yellow bar: "And then...", "Man, this is gonna be Full-HD. That's awesome!", "I just wanted a new station, but this fast..?", "Whoa, I'm freakin' out!", "What's that? A new fire station?" (italian slang), "There you go!" (saxony slang) - The story is about a mysterious artifact. After rubbing at it everything at the scene changed immediately to a brand new look. A miracle. Everything got bigger, better, newer. So, they decided to bury it under a shrub and don't tell anyone about it this strange thing...

@ LEGO Guy Bri: Exact! I didn't remember the "Flame Fighters". But this was the other set of this mixture. Well, I didn't count my MOCs already. But I guess I have roundabout one hundred (and still counting). You can count them yourself here :wink: :



The thing at rear of the engine is a hose reel. This is one of the next things on my modification agenda...




And shown who it is installed on real trucks:



@ jamesn: If TLG would make those stations I would be jobless. :wink:

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What a great fire brigade!! Love the station... Like an official set from the good old days but even better!! Again, I love all the little details you've added... Looking forward to seeing more!!

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All these nice 4w vehicles :wub:

And that good looking station on that nice classic baseplate

Well done

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