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Here's a little tower I have made. I also have made a little poem for it. :grin:



I smell is scent of an Englishman,

That walketh with a army of grand,

That hasn't thinked before entering my land.


He claimeth that he's the King of Britain,

But how doesn't know of how he's going to fall like pillars of sand,

His army will crumble as if they where small as ants,

Oh poor lads who walketh on my land.

So how did you like my poem? Here's an overview of my build:



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i believe the pieces used for the window are figure legs... but i could be wrong.

Nope, you a right, they are mini-fig pieces.

Nice build. Can someone link me to the piece that has been used for the main window of the tower? Thanks!

They are mini-fig legs that are torn apart. :wink:

Love the window/arrow slit.

Thanks, first time I tried the technique.

Nice angles in the tower. I like the poem too.

Thanks! Finally someone mentions the poem, I worked hard on it. :grin:

Great that you tried some angles in the tower :thumbup: Nice landscaping too :classic:

Thank you, glad to hear that from an expert mocer like yourself!

Great MOC! I like the look of the tower: simplistic, but it works.


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