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Finally completed my whole series and now I can put them into the glass shelf for display :P

As you may have seen in my another thread, the black tumbler was the first to complete, and then the Bat, the camo-tumbler and finally the snow tumbler. I was however not satisfied with the camo one, and so I dismantled it and rebuilt it after getting the tan bricks I wanted. I spent nearly a month to make the cannon rotatable!

Here I want to show you what I have got as the complete set, and inspire more fans to make MOC Batman stuff. Alright, the family photo! Featuring the Bat!


The Bat + Black Tumbler


Tumbler Set: Camo-tumbler, Black Tumbler and Snow Tumbler


Close-up of the final camo-tumbler, which is just finished during weekend. I thought the brown bricks would be better to match the tumbler in the movie, but the contrast is too high for me and so I use the dark tan color instead. You may still see a little brown in some hidden places.


You may already know that this tumbler is not symmetrical. The right side is turned into a turret like a real tank (while the other one is turned into a SAM turret).


The turret can turn to the back, completely in 180 degree. Here it is shooting the Bat sideways...


Hope you enjoy the creations! Let me know how I can further improve them as I am still an amateur (haha, even after playing for so many years as I see real crazy experts here! So I am only an amateur!)


For those who are interested:

The Bat:

Snow Tumbler thread:

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Those look great! I love the rotating turret on the camo tumbler. I think the tan/dark tan work together quite well for camo, even if some brown would work in places.

Keep up the great work. I really need to get to work on a better looking tumbler (like these).

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you guys :D it looks like my 6 months spent on creating all these are worth it :)

Some may ask where the Batpod is, but I am still figuring out how to get the scale right, as the parts will be smaller than the Lego bricks if I insist on using the same scale.

Just to add a little more information, I only order 4 bricks from the net to complete the sets, while I bought some from brick shops. Most of the bricks (nearly 95%) are from my own collections. Not that I have many bricks, but I think if you cannot get the bricks you want, you can always play around with other kinds to add interesting details. And thus the three tumblers are not identical except some important profile bricks. :D

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