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League of Legens: Ahri and Olaf

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If you don't know the game League of Legends and you are just here for the pics you can skip all the text.

Hey guys, some of you might know my Lego Mordekaiser and Kassadin from the game League of Legends (if not check them out here).

After making them I felt like I had to continue and started Ahri and Nautilus. For reasons I can't remember I didn't finish them. Then summer came and I wasn't able to play the game for 2 months. I continued playing in fall, but didn't think of my Custom Lego Minifigures again. However, 2 days ago I found the old Ahri on which I had already put the dress and the tails. I decided to finish her along with a new minifig and I chose Olaf. Unfortunately I have no plans for Nautilus yet, but I am just going to present you the other two:



The fact that my flesh paint doesnt match the color of her face and hands makes her look kinda weird, but I think the effect is not so strong on the pics. As I had no Idea how to craft a hairpiece from the beginning, I just applied the braid and the longer hair on the front to an existing hairpiece, which looks ok from the front but not that cool from the side. What do you think? Is there an official hairpiece that matches her look more that I didn't find, or is the solution ok?




I chose Olaf because he seemed rather easy to make as a minifigure. I wanted to use official pieces for the torso and legs, so they are compromises and don't actually match Olaf's look. The helmet was easy, as I just filed down a Lego helmet and applied the horns. I had to craft the beard piece from the beginning and I am a little dissapointed by the front side, however I really like the back side. What really bothers me though, is that the beard piece doesn't go up to his mouth. Should I apply more material to the top of his beard and make the area between the two halves of the helmet all hairy to cover his mouth or would it just look weird?


If you want to know more about the game that inspired me to do this you can sign up here..

However I would like to hear comments and critics about how I could improve the cleanliness and the overall look of my characters. I am a beginner on painting and sculpting, but I really like it and want to improve.

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Sweet! Nice customs you got there, good too see you back at work as there aren't many league of legends customers ou there :classic:

Ahri is one of my favorite champions and I like you're rendition of her. It's good to start with a hair piece as base, for the back I suggested you use more putty and make it more natural ( perhaps cut a little of the original piece :devil: sacrilege!!) also I would give more volume to each tails and perhaps put them opened up, would look cooler than then being all down (but may be harder to do, and perhaps would unbalance the minifig).One more thing, you could try to paint the details on her sleeves,would add for extra detail.

As for Olaf,also pretty neat job. like the wristbands you put and the helmet is nice. The only thing I see you could perhaps improve is the beard, I would make it a lighter color blonde or orange. Also consider making it "taller",like, covering a little of the face like lego beards do.

Anyways keep up the good work, hope to see more of your LoL figs soon

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