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That's right! Vote and be entered in raffle for prizes!

Voting Rules:

  1. Only members who joined before the official start of the contest (1 Jan. 2013) OR entered in any of the contest may vote. Members who joined after that date are not eligible to vote.
  2. You may not vote for yourself.
  3. You will have five (5) points to allocate. These can be divided any way you like between 2-5 entries. You may give all three points to one entry, 2 to one entry and 1 to another, or 1 to five different entries etc.
  4. Votes must be in the proper format. This makes it easier for votes to be tallied. The format is the Entry Number followed by the Entrant's Username, a dash and then the Number of Points allocated - in otherwords, just CUT AND PASTE!
    Here are a few examples:
    123. Si-MOCs - 3 points

    456. Sinner - 2 Points


    123. Si-MOCs - 2 points

    456. Sinner - 2 points

    789. I Scream Clone - 1 point

  5. You may, of course, follow up with why you voted for those particular entries. People like to be told why they are awesome.
  6. Once you have voted, please do not edit the post in which you did so. It may have already been tallied and it could be seen as trying to manipulate the vote.
  7. An entry should win based on it's own merits. This isn't a popularity contest. Attempts to campaign for votes either on this site or elsewhere will not be tolerated. You may put a small picture of your entry in your signature as a way of promoting but that's as far as you should go.
  8. After seven (7) days of voting, the votes will be tallied by staff and the results will be announced shortly after. Be patient. We're volunteers.
  9. Above all, play fair. Our tally-bots operate at 4 operations per minute, and are super smart - so don't try anything fishy. Staff reserves the right to disqualify entries if it discovers a form of cheating not covered in these rules.

There's one more thing: By voting, you'll be registered in a raffle to win something cool!


Staff entries:

For obvious reasons Staff can't win prizes, but even still they couldn't help joining in the fun. And what do they win? MORE WORK!

Darkdragon, Pandora and Rick shall join me and others in the Sub Committee Incharge (of) Finding Individuals Hopelessly Overlooked. The SCIFI HO's job is award the judges awards and prizes!


8434728812_99fa64dc42_o.png 8390506488_78a4431dc0_n.jpg







Entries - please take your time, there's a lot :laugh:

1 - Kai NRG

8166516693_00b2bc6b26_n.jpg 8338449013_b64a90ab6a_n.jpg

2 - Mencot



8434728812_99fa64dc42_o.png 8436657083_84122289ff_n.jpg

4. Kristel

7960546584_948dcb6ce3_n.jpg 8341586706_a511a18e00_n.jpg

5. dr_spock


6. Spzero

8434728812_99fa64dc42_o.png IMAG0435-Copy_zps6251fb2a.jpg

7. toutouille

8343891500_b2686907b6_n.jpg 8343874062_ef639d9ca7_n.jpg

8. Legonardo


9. daisy


10. jamesuniverse

8434728812_99fa64dc42_o.png 8201500460_0a5e4f5510_n.jpg

11. Eric Su

8225278878_69c7af8166_n.jpg :8348879320_b3f454652d_n.jpg

12 DaMaximus


13 Wall E2624

8436629487_b81971ef22_n.jpg 8436629151_f56df08f5d_n.jpg

14. Athos

brickslinger.jpg scifiav.jpg


320px-Nuff_3.0.JPG 320px-Euro-Nuff.JPG

16 jamesn

8351493156_5a5aa141a0_t.jpg 8350448493_65760a8535_t.jpg

17. Cecile

8434728812_99fa64dc42_o.png 8354451593_df46516610_n.jpg



19. ROOK


20. Mark of Falworth

7808100676_a1a6def23a_n.jpg 7979841279_181c34928d_n.jpg

21 Col. Brik


22. Oky


23. Sum1UcantNo


24. LFCMessi

Avatar.png Sci-FiAva_zps93a84c6a.png

25 Legofin2012


26.Night Hawk


27. Rumble Strike

8155522859_1ee85caf7c_n.jpg 8377388632_281bd5e808_n.jpg



29. Gunman

8267442215_5d4bb9fdf2_n.jpg 8379908251_994082d8bb_n.jpg

30. Holodoc


31. The_nreator

8261635098_ac80b1c54c_n.jpg 8384646874_64764f8366_n.jpg



33. davaoeno


34. Jargo

8437689510_60111baf2c_n.jpg 8388956876_4fcd304806_n.jpg

35. aemil


36. harton


37. Artanis I


38. burlogh


39. L-space

scifi-avatar-s.jpg avatar3_160x160.png

40. Legoboy1999




42. ultron32


43. Hammerstein NWC


44. Wedge09

sci-fi_avatar_1.jpg sci-fi_avatar_2.jpg

45. soccerkid6


46 pup


48. Speedboat

8436627969_43729b4a03_n.jpg 8437710590_aa7391269b_n.jpg

49. Masked Builder


50. Jareth

8436628219_24a7b79fa0_n.jpg 8437710598_aa2ef33365_n.jpg

51. Brickington

sam_0139.jpg sam_0144.jpg

52. Blackagar


53. TrumpetKing67

7908893164_e5a8f24be4_n.jpg: 8418411194_cca8756062_n.jpg

54.Behind the Camera

8434728812_99fa64dc42_o.pngEurobricks Avatar-Sci-fi.jpg

55. Dufresne

5863667555_22615f97d9_n.jpg 8424907920_5798cfc368_n.jpg

56. Cerator


57. Purpearljellyblob


58. Ecclesiastes


59. Joff_Draeven


60. robuko

6344487256_f339d0c9f5_n.jpg 8431825877_e7ec84e69e_n.jpg

61. Mr.Brickman


62. Alopex


63. Antonio


64. Tohst


65 Darth Nick


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14. Athos- 1 point

Simple but so effective.

18.CamelBoy68- 1 point

Great avatar before and after being sci-fied.

20. Mark of Falworth- 1 point

Superb lighting effects.

31. The_nreator- 1 point

Excellent vignettes.

36. harton- 1 point

I love the idea behind this

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17. Cecile - 1 point - nice combo!

41. legoalbert - 2 points - simple but creative!

43. Hammerstein NWC - 2 points - great fig!

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8. Legonardo - 2 points -I really like how you managed to change something so awesome into more awesome :)!

19. ROOK -1 point -The change is perfect!Your avatar reminded me of the set even before the change!

31. The_nreator - 1 point -Another awesome change,but i think the photo guy doesnt suit that much with the scene .

36. harton - 1 point -Neat entry ,i like the idea :)!

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41.legoalbert - 2 points

(nice to see a sci-fi avatar that's not a minifig, and great use of bananas!)

13 Wall E2624 - 1 point

(very worried looking fig...)

61. Mr.Brickman - 2 points

(love the cyborg!)

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4. Kristel - 1 point

22. Oky - 1 point

23. Sum1UcantNo - 1 point

32.Dannylonglegs - 1 point

38. burlogh - 1 point

Semi-honorable :tongue: mentions:

11. Eric Su

54. Behind the Camera

Edited by DraikNova

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CM4S: 1 point

Nuffsaid: 1 point

dr_spock: 1 point

Tohst: 1 point:

Ecclesiastes: 1 point

If you can't pick between one, just pick many of them. Also everyone, vote for me or not! :grin:

Edited by Brickington

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A lot of great entries but here are my votes:

17. Cecile - 1 point (I love the idea of a rocket girl :grin: )

20. Mark of Falworth - 1 point (great use of the lights)

31. The_nreator - 1 point (great work with this small MOC)

35. aemil - 1 point (nice micro work with Wall-E)

36. harton - 1 point (great concept idea)

Good luck to all :thumbup: :thumbup:

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3.CM4S - 1 point

7.toutouille - 1 point

17.Cecile - 1 point

19. ROOK - 1 point

20. Mark of Falworth - 1 point

All entries are looking great, good luck to all and it was so hard to choose (if I could vote for them all I would) :classic:

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4. Kristel: 1 vote

18.CamelBoy68: 1 vote (Made me crack up laughing, so it gets a vote!)

19. ROOK: 1 vote

43. Hammerstein NWC: 1 vote

61. Mr.Brickman: 1 vote

Edited by Dufresne

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15. NuffSaid1996 - 1 point

18. CamelBoy68 - 1 point

29. Gunman - 1 point

33. davaoeno - 1 point

56. Cerator - 1 point

Good luck to everyone! Great entries!

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Cool idea for a contest! :wink:

All of these are cool "Sci-fied"! But my vote goes to...

45. soccerkid6 (1point)

39. L-space (1point)

36. harton (1point)

25 Legofin2012 (1point)

4. Kristel (1point)

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4. Kristel - 1 point

14. Athos - 1 point

19. ROOK - 1 point

22. Oky -1 point

51. Brickington -1 point

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4. Kristel - 1 point

5. dr_spock - 1 point

22. Oky - 1 point

25. Legofin2012 - 1 point

35. aemil - 1 point

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45 Soccerkid6 - 1.6666666666666666666

20 Mark o fFalworth - 1.6666666666666666666

30 Holodoc - 1.6666666666666666668

if that doesn't work add 3 to 30 and 1 to the other 2, that guys has a GIF!

also could the plain avatar be changed to this?

photo.jpgit makes more sense, thanks.

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Pandora - 5 points because this avatar is just way too cute!

17. Cecilie - 1 point

19. Rook - 1 point

27. Rumble Strike - 1 point

45. soccerkid6 - 1 point

51. Brickington - 1 point

I thought this would be the easy one of the three sic-fi voting threads, but it was actually the hardest for me to choose.

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4.) Kristel- 2 points

7.) Purpearljellyblob- 2 points

57.) toutouille- 1 point

Best of luck to all!!!

EDIT: Forgot the entry numbers, sorry Si-MOCs! :blush:

Edited by TrumpetKing67

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19. ROOK – 2 points

Nasty looking bug !

38. burlogh - 1 point

Cool combination

43. Hammerstein NWC – 2 points

Total badass!

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