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My name is Zhar and I played lego since... a long time :).

I got a collection containing about 80 sets (legoland, castle, pirtates ...).

Here is a list of my favorite sets :

620 Fire Truck

1620 Astro Dart

6043 Dragon Defender

6075 Wolfpack Tower

6082 Fire Breathing Fortress

6265 Sabre Island

6352 Cargomaster Crane

6353 Coastal Cutte

6361 Mobile Crane

6375 Trans Air Carrier

6386 Police Command

6402 Sidewalk Café

6411 Sand Dollar Café

6503 Sprint Racer

6504 Tractor

6506 Precinct Cruiser

6507 Mini Dumper

6517 Water Jet

6522 Highway Patrol

6523 Red Cross

6530 Sport Coupe

6592 Vacation Hideaway

I recently buy the Volkswagen T1 Camper, what a beautifull set <3.

I also developped a mobile application for android called brick collector (based on brickset) released this year. It includes a lot of features : custom search, browsing & managing sets and minifgures collection, downloading instructions guide, barcode scanning and so on.

If you have any questions or if eurobricks team want review it just email me.

Edited by Zhar

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New, the application has been reviewed by brickset team !

You can find more details on the brikcset mobile app directory.

Edited by Zhar

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Welcome! I am into Castle themes as well! :classic:

Castle is best for sure :classic: , love it especially wolfpack sets.

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