MOC: Microscale Mule from Serenity

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As promised, I made this little Mule today from the movie 'Serenity'. It's not exactly what I wanted, but with the parts I had I think it works - I like the little crew!


Faster would be better by mjfirefly, on Flickr


They want us alive when they eat us. by mjfirefly, on Flickr


Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don't you think by mjfirefly, on Flickr


From left to right in microscale - River, Zoe, Mal and Jayne by mjfirefly, on Flickr

For reference is a still from the film showing the mule in action:


Mule in action from the film by mjfirefly, on Flickr

Full set:

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Very nice! Very good parts usage. I really like your crew as well ;);)

Reminds me of why I need to explore micro building.

Andy D

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