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Hello fellow AFOL's!

My name is Alex Kobbs (aka. Kooberz) and I'm the creator of Kooberz Studios. I have made a career out of brickfilming for a while now, and I usually concentrate on the combination of video games and our favorite bricks. My goal is to entertain with the power of animation, while simultaneously teaching new-comers about what I do and raising the bar of brickfilming to a higher/artistic standard. (that sounds a bit pretentious when I read it back, but I just want to do my best and reach as many people as possible)

I was featured in this

on Lego Art not too long ago, and it basicly covers everything I do.

One of the highlights of my career was opening the 2012 DICE awards with a

last Feb...with a custom music track by THE Glen Ballard of musical fame.

I hope you enjoy what I do! Please consider subscribing to the Kooberz Studios channel as I put all my work on there. I will humbly try to add more value to the AFOL community and help promote this fantastic hobby of ours. I'm also eager to learn and connect with more fans around the world.

Happy Building!


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Hey, thank you!

I'm a big classic Pirates fan...I'll be posting some of the MOC's in the forums soon.

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Welcome to Eurobricks! It's nice to see another YouTuber on these forums, especially since you're the guy who did the famous LEGO Wii video! My cousins and I really enjoyed that one. I just subscribed to you (I'm just2goodEurobricks over on YouTube). :classic:

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