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MSFC: Planet Neolivor

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As the resources on planet Earth were almost empty, mankind started colonising other planets.

One of those planets full of very needed resources was the planet Neolivor, some weeks travelling from Earth.

But as those planets have no Ozon-layer, engineers built big domes over the cities so the colonists could live just like on Earth.

In the following 2 pictures, you will see a part of the Capital, a part of the dome and a part of the planet:


As you can see, the colonists even could grow trees in their cities!!

Also very typical for the colonist cities are the huge "skyscrapers".

In the right of the previous picture, you can see a Futuristic Transport Van (FTV) entering the city through a portal, defended by a gigantic solar beam canon!


The colonists inside the city can only transport theirself by foot or by the Neolivor Innercity Public Transport (NIPT). Goods and tradeware are transported by the FTV's

In next picture you can see a FTV, a NIPT-coach, a battleship and a transport ship:


I already built this in the first week of January but I intended to improve it a bit. I didn't really had the time anymore for doing that, so here it is.

Also congratulations already to S-M for the big succes of the MSFC!!!

There are a lot of really amazing entries :blush:

C&C ofcoures welcome!

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Very nice! I really like the concept, and the execution is great.

Andy D

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Really nice work :thumbup: :thumbup: in particularly the ships :wink:

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Lots of little great details. I love the buildings and the transport ships!

The idea of the dome is cool... but I think it's that straight part is a bit bland. ... I understand it's part of a bigger dome but perhaps curving it a bit would create a more interesting texture ?

Great entry! :thumbup:

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Thanks! :classic:

I know is the dome is kinda straight, I'll check if I can change something :classic:

It was really fun to make as I am not so common with micro'ing :classic: I am especially proud of my trees (the inverted apples :laugh: )

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