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FAPC: Invasion of Teddy Bears

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It's the year 2013,

A fresh new company starts producing cute little teddy bears.

Super quality for a very cheap price!

Every child in the world wants to have one, even the kids of the Presidents and greatest generals.

Little do they know that when they are asleep, the Teddies come alive and search for important information.

It's the year 2015,

Little Jimmy wakes up and notices that his Teddy, mr. Cuddle, is gone. While trying to find him, he suddenly hears a strange noise outside the house...

The invasion of the Teddy Bears has begun...


Equiped with high tech battle mechs, the Teddies are flying over the cities, shooting at everything that moves. Once the biggest obstacles are eliminated, the battle mechs land on the ground and transform to their ground mode, able to step and shoot at every direction they want!


(air mode)


(Ground mode)

I made an extra challenge for myself: build something with bricks coming from one set (Creator set 5764)

It was sometimes very tempting to cheat, but in the end I am very pleased with the result :classic:

It has a very great playability as it can transform from Air to Ground Mode without rebuilding something. :classic:

And I will be honest to you, I am already playing with this thing the whole day :blush:

C&C welcome!!

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Mr Cuddles comes in the the creator set? :tongue:

I really liked how you did the articulation in the ground mode vs air mode.

Great job! :thumbup:

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Thanks :classic:

I know I will probably not win with this entry, but like I said, I really enjoyed building it :classic:


Looks like only good kids get the Mr. Cuddles in the Creator Set :laugh:

Allright, I admit it, for the Teddy Bear and for the running plumber, I had to cheat :cry_sad:

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