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Review: 6879 Blizzard Barron

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Number: 6879

Name: Blizzard Barron

Theme: Space

Subtheme: Ice Planet 2002

Year: 1993

Minifgs: 1

Pieces: 81

Price: $8.00 (US)


Yeah....the picture of the parts got lost due to a memmory card's the inventory. Nice classic ice planet colors. You know, when Ice planet came out I didn't like the trans-neon-orange. This was during my dark ages anyway. Now that I have them, I like them much better. I think they look much better in person than in any picture.



Standard Ice Planet guy. Looks great.



Nice little ship. I prefer closed cockpits, but in general this is a good set. It looks a little bulkier thasn a lot of ships of it's size, but I prefer to think that that's because it's modified to deal with a cold atmosphere, as opposed to a near vacuum. Oh, check out the use of a Boat Bow plate for the front.

Like a lot of ships of this time, the back detatches, but as an added feature, the engine is reattachable.


So we can leave a probe unit with radio capabuilities and the take the engine off the probe and reattach it to the ship.


The ships that left their main propulsion on the ground and then flew off allways bothered me. It's nice to see that a lego designer was thinking the same thing.

MVP (most Valuable Piece)

Brick, Modified Facet 3 x 3 x 2 Top


I admit, part of this decision was beacuse I didn't have any of these before. But this set has a lot of interesting pieces. In the end I chose this because I think it has the most possibilites for other uses.


Parts: 10/10

Minifigure: 10/10

Build: 9/10

Playability: 10/10 (For a set this size)

Price: 10/10

Overall: 98% (Nice to know I can end up with a score other than 92%)

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I´ve always thought that this looked like one of the most impressive Ice Planet sets, despite it´s small size. This review pretty much confirms it. Good parts, solid and swooshable look and a great colorscheme.

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Nice review, thank you!

I like the sets from this era, but I can't really stand the neon colors...

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