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Future of SW Contest: Rise of the Mandalorians

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Rise of the Mandalorians

After the Battle of Endor and the destroying the death star 2, the empire's domination was ending. Master Luke Skywalker was made the new Jedi Order, and Princess Leia funded the senate of the New Republic. Peace reigned in the whole galaxy. . .

But there is war again. The Mandalorians want to control the republic and they attacked all of the most important planets. The republic army troops must go to battles with the jedi knights.


Gleqovsa is the second biggest city of the galaxy, and here is this battle.




Malk Oerk was one of Luke Skywalker's firsts padawan and he is the leader of the republic troopers in this battle.

Owu-Cot is a mandalorian general. He has a shock whip.


(The names are fictional)

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I think a Mandalorian versus New Republic could potentially be a good story for the new episodes.

That is a good idea, who knows a new Sith might emerge from one of those Mandalorians :sweet:

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