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On 8/8/2013 at 3:05 PM, Robert Cailliau said:

Robert, I just have to say thank you for the great resources about dimensions and other lego/duplo descriptions.
This was very helpful, to create a modular OpenScad lego/duplo interfacing tool. It's basically only creating standard blocks, rail interfaces and base plates and here it's also possible to tweak brick dimensions for all other projects. You could then export to STL & print.
So it starts to be more interesting, when using this base module to create more advanced track systems:


And there are many more tracks possible: a lot of standard track options; many crossings; many funnels.

On 5/2/2014 at 8:40 AM, Robert Cailliau said:

zg0, I made an attempt, not very good, of linked bogies:



(and that puts me at the limit of my media)

The link itself is heavy because the axles are needed to adjust the length, which is not a whole number of units.

Also, kinematically this is only an approximation, but it works better than unlinked bogies. There is very little friction.

The gears are there only to get the 4-unit beams onto their middle.

I did not bother with hooks etc. but it rolls fine. Not yet made it go over a bridge though.

This is also great. Actually, I was thinking about creating a DIY 6x6 driven locomotive (also about standard train length). So I also need some flexibility in the wheels. My first attempt was unstable version, this one looks better.
But what holds this mechanism straight, when moving over a straight track? In this case the wheels colliding against the rail-flange? But that will give a little friction..?
If more people are interested about such a design, why not start a new topic about this?

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just added a Bricklist of 'All the DUPLO Trains'.


all Thomas sets missed.

I deliberately decided not to include the licenced themes - "All the Duplo Trains that run on track, excluding licenced themes & Dacta but including the Intelli-train". I could add a new Bricklist for them later.

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