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Hey all,

One of these years I'd like to fly over the pond and visit one of the LEGO conventions in Europe. Which one of the European Conventions has the most Technic creations on display?

I was just looking through pictures of the FanWelt Convention, and noticed pictures of Bricksonwheels's fantastic trucks, as well as Jennifer Clark's excavator. There were also a handful of Technic creations in the photo album I was looking at. Does FanWelt usually offer this level of Technic models, or should I try to attend some other convention?

I just wanted to get you all's opinion. One of these years I'll make it over to meet all you fine European Technic builders.



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I personally think FanWelt had a decent amount of Technic on display, however, nobody really knows when another one will be organised. I had the feeling the 2012 one had a lot of success, so we'll see what happens in the near future. You can check out my Brickshelf gallery (link in my signature) for more photos; there's roughly 600 unedited photos in my FanWelt gallery (check out the topic I made about it here).

In the Netherlands, there is "LEGO WORLD" (www.legoworld.nl). They will move to another hall in 2013 and since the Netherlands have a decent number of high end Technic builders (Jurgen Krooshoop, Barman, BricksonWheels are all Dutch as far as I know) I think the chance of a decent amount of Technic MOCs on display is reasonably good.

The "Brickmania" events organised by my own LUG (BeLUG) in Belgium also have a decent amount of Technic MOCs on display relative to their size. But, being honest here, they lack in size if you want to come here from the USA. I'm very honest when I say that I have seen displays at FanWelt which have a larger ground area than the total area used for the latest Brickmania in Antwerp (which was great BTW) but again, a bit too small to come to Europe just for that.

I hope somebody can give some comments on events in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy or the UK because I have only been to the above so I can not say if they're good or not.

ps: there's of course also the Eurobricks Event, which I haven't attended yet but hope to do so this year.

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Although we are quite a small country we do have a fair amount of very good Technic builders; the above already mentioned as well as Erik Leppen, Designer Han, and not to forget Mahjqa.

The main event in Holland is indeed Lego World, a 6 day event covering more than 20.000m. This year the event is held in Utrecht, which is a more centralized and much bigger location.

So there should be lot more MOC 's at display/visible this year.

I must say however that the Polish events at e.g. youtube also show a lot of sophisticated technic designs..

Not to mention France and Spain


And how could I forget? Nathanaƫl Kuipers is also from Holland :grin:

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Fana'briques exhibition owns more technic than fanwelt I think, same if it's smaller. But most of the guys which exhibit there are not very well known worldwide. Nevertheless, they build very good things.

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Sometimes whit the big events you can only see from a distand some moc's. I go only too AFOL meetings and you see about 250 moc's at the time and can look over, and in it.

For me is that the best solution because i can walk around and don't have too be afraid that mine moc is in danger.

The Lowlug meetings are the best. The best Dutch builders and great moc's and with every meeting there are about 25 very good technic moc's

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