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MOC: The Bell Tower

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Ok, time for another posting. I started with the POTC The Mill Set 4183, but decided that what it really needed was some 'mass' and less water wheel. After several iterations I ended up with this - it's an old ruined Bell Tower (the Bell is about the only structures left from 4183). I originally built it without a back so it has a decent interior with good access, but built a quick removable rear facade.

It was 13F/-11C outside so some of the pictures were a bit rushed, but here's the front. The Redcoats are using a convenient rock and some salvaged timber to lever up their Cart so they can change the broken wheel. The Horse Coach driver (moonlighting from his normal gig) is taken care of the Horse and the Captain is sitting on a bench in the sunshine drinking wine while he watches the others.


And a shot of the rear. I deliberately didn't push the 1x4 wooden planking down - I think it looks like a neglected, old pathway.


And here's a shot with the back removed - complete with skeleton and rat.


Here's Capt. Jack looking down on the Redcoats


Despite Capt. Jack's hope's that they are going to remain undiscovered while the Redcoats work below I think things are not going to work out as planned. Gibbs keeps on losing his fish to that seagull and the Redcoat Captain is going to get dinged with a shovel.



I hope you enjoyed it.

Comments, suggestions and criticisms welcome.

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Mr.Gibbs still want he's fish.......gave me a great laugh.....

It looks really awesome, but i would have appriciated a mill wheel =)

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