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Model Team: Police HQ

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This creation has been under its way for more than 2 years now. It replaces the old mobile police station, which had very little interior room. I wanted to make a new HQ which utilizes the container system as seen in the mobile crane. The first prototype had a unibody design with the station at ground level between the wheels. It solved a lot of the space issues, but I just didn't really like it. A lot of experimenting went on with a new front and I can now present the new police head quarters.

The police station has been moved to the "container"

11front2.jpg_thumb.jpg 1side.jpg_thumb.jpg 1rearp1.jpg_thumb.jpg

There's a removable holding cell in the rear, the "container" can of course be taken off and replaced with any other such container from the other trucks,

2celloff.jpg_thumb.jpg 2emptyrear.jpg_thumb.jpg 2container.jpg_thumb.jpg

The engine is a basic V12, while the steering system uses the double steering rag for optimal turning diameter. The interior has details such as pedals at the floor (although it's pretty hard to see in this picture) and there are details like a tool box in the side of the truck.

2engine.jpg_thumb.jpg 2inside.jpg_thumb.jpg 2toolbox.jpg_thumb.jpg

But let's get on to the real deal.

The locks are opened and supports are pulled out. The two halves of the station follow and the middle roofs are tipped up. The ends on the roofs are turned out as well and...

3sidesloosening.jpg_thumb.jpg 3sidesout.jpg_thumb.jpg 3roofup.jpg_thumb.jpg

suddenly we have a 12 studs wide and 50 studs long police HQ

3expandedside.jpg_thumb.jpg 3expandedfront.jpg_thumb.jpg 3expandedroof.jpg_thumb.jpg

The main entrance is using a lift, but you can also escape through the roof

2liftdown.jpg_thumb.jpg 2liftup.jpg_thumb.jpg 3roofexit.jpg_thumb.jpg

The whole police force


The interior had to be made so that it can fold in and leave space for the roof when on the move. There are 8 rooms and a briefing room in the middle.

Mission control, armory, kitchen and a reception in one side

4controlroom.jpg_thumb.jpg 4armory.jpg_thumb.jpg 4kitchen.jpg_thumb.jpg 4reception.jpg_thumb.jpg

Lost and found (You can see the board for the briefing room in the picture), sleeping room, laboratory and interrogation room, which doubles as the place where mug shots are taken, on the other side of the station

4lostandfound.jpg_thumb.jpg 4sleeping.jpg_thumb.jpg 4lab.jpg_thumb.jpg 4photointerigation.jpg_thumb.jpg

The whole gallery at brickshelf:

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Hmmm...Thats strange. I always thought Model Team was larger than minifig scale.

But the MOC is fantastic. I love all the little details, i.e. the gun rack. Keep up the good MOCing, Lasse ;-)


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Hmmm...Thats strange. I always thought Model Team was larger than minifig scale.

You are absolutely right. If we take the normally accepted minifig scale of 1:40 to 1:45 and assume the normal with of real life trucks is 2.5m, then the ideal width for minifig scale trucks is 8 studs.

With 12 studs, model team (the old style like 5580, 5591 and 5590 that I build in) is 50% too large.

I only have two kinds of LEGO "people": minifigs and technic figures. One is too small and the other way too big. I think it's possible to make figures in the right scale that might work, but it's much more easy just to say that the trucks are meant for the American highways where "bigger is better". The current version of the mobile gas station even has an American flag (I think the flag was added in an earlier version around the time of 9/11).

Model Team lets you put in a lot of details while holding some very firm limits on the size. But if you want to make models that resemble real trucks, I suggest a size larger like the 5571 Black Cat.

I'm glad that there are so many who like Model Team and creations like this one. I will soon show a new Model Team truck (without minifigs) where the main focus isn't on functionality.

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Lasse D makes the coolest things with his own style. Beautiful! *wub*

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absolutley fantastic! I love all the details inside! Defenatly a police station on wheels! Only one thing i think you forgot was a jail. Either way, its still an exellent moc!

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The jail is in the basement in the back:


You can see the bars in the shot where I was pulling the sides out.


The white bricks on this truck have suffered from a lot of yellowing last year, so I have to replace most of the bricks. I'm planning on adding PF to it so that it becomes remote controlled, doesn't that seem like a fun idea? There should be plenty of room between the fuel tanks and stuff for the PF-components.

I'm glad that you all like it, so I hope my motorization-madness doesn't do much to the looks. The hard part will be to place the receiver.

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