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Review: 70011 Eagles' Castle


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This will be my first review, so please provide plenty of feedback if there's something I've missed or your would like to see in any future reviews I might do.

I did not intend to purchase this set in particular, but my Lego Store was out of Equila's Utlra Striker, and I wanted to hit the $75 minimum for the free Ewar polybag. I am very excited about the Wolf, Eagle and Raven Chima minifigures, and Worriz and Ewold were the main reason I picked up this set.



I do like the whole presentation of the Chima sets, and the layout in the Lego store itself was rather ornate. The kids on the back box seem to be having an enormous amount of fun - they might be overdoing it just a little bit.

Coincidentally, the other 2 sets on the box are the other 2 that I own.


The top of the box shows Worriz and Lennox, but does not show the Eagle's name. I could actually not find any reference to his name anywhere in the set, which is weird.


The contents of the box were 3 bags of pieces, 2 sealed packs of cards, a few assorted speedorz parts, and two instruction booklets.



Lennox and Worriz' cards also have a nice presentation, and look interesting, but I have not learned how to play the game, so sadly I cannot discuss the pros and cons of these characters in a high stakes Speedorz tournament.



The instruction booklet does include a short demonstration of how the speedorz scoring would work with this particular set....



and it also includes a legend for the character card itself.

I learned none of this.



And the instructions also included the standard part inventory pages.

On to the building!





The contents of the first bag.

This bag included all the parts for the minifigures, as well as the Speedorz parts. Other than the figure parts, not too much to get excited about here.




The contents of bag 2.

This bag contained the majority of the interesting pieces, which were mostly just new colors.




The contents of bag 3.


These would be the parts of interest from this set. A few standard pieces colored in dark blue and dark azure, as well as 4 of the new wing pieces, a gold Chima gem, and a large white bracing piece. I did not include the 12 trans blue Chima gems, since it looks like you get these in every Chima set.


The back of the new white brace piece.

Now we move to my favorite part of the set - the minifigures. Woohoo!


As I mentioned earlier, all of the minifigure parts were in bag 1, but only Lennox's head was individually bagged. Probably to keep his precious mane looking pretty - Those lions are SOOO superficial.

I do love those Eagle wings - such a nice piece!


Worriz' cape was included in the cardboard cape box (2 red rubber bands were in the other). Very nice design, and I don't remember seeing this particular cape cut anywhere before.


The heads without the headpieces. Worriz and Lennox have pretty nice faces, but Ewald looks like he's either sleeping or drugged. Obviously he could care less who wins this tournament.


And here we have everyone with their respective headgear.



And here have everyone in their full regalia. All three of these minifigures are beautifully done, and I saw no apparent flaws or misprints with any of them. Worriz is looking pretty pimped in his cape too.


At last the two opponents are armed, and they can't wait to get at each other. This emnity must run deep.

On to the building.



Our speedorz are the first thing we shall build, and the Speedorz-specific parts are shown here.


The speedorz are pretty simple to build, and the figures cannot be removed without removing the faceplate, which is held in technic pins. Overall pretty solid, but the propulsion unit on the back of Worriz' Speedor does not work well with his cape, and you have to be careful not to bend or tear it.


With the first bag complete, it doesn't really seem like we've gotten too far, but you have to remember that we've already built the minifigures as well as the two Speedorz.


With bag 2 complete, the set is starting to take shape, and is looking a lot more promising. At this point we have the core parts of the set complete.

Now to finish off the loose ends.



The set is now built, and the wings are primed for the Speedorz to shoot for the pillar in the foreground.



If the pillar gets hit, the wings spring to the upright position, as shown.


And here we have the full layout with all of the figures and vehicles.



Not much for spare parts, the cheese slope, bracket and tooth are kind of nice, but they are pretty common pieces.

In Review:

Playability: 8/10 - The Eagle's wings spring up very nicely when the Speedor hits the pillar, and this entire mechanism is solid, without being tempermental and some play features can be. The minifigures are also locked into their Speedorz, which keeps them from flying everywhere. They pulled this off very well, so I rated it high despite the lack of any other moving parts or play features.

Design: 7/10 - The set works well for it's purpose, and the eagle statue looks solid and well detailed. I am more impressed with the set now that I've built it, but I would not have bought the set if it weren't for the figures.

Price: 8/10 - Although I could see this being sold for $35 US, $40 US is a good price for 3 amazing figures and a 369 piece count.

Overall: 8/10 - The figures are superb, but this set has a lot less new pieces and recolors than the other Chima sets which is disappointing. I bought this purely for the figures, and that's what I got.

I have some high rez pictures of the figures and cards here:

Thanks for checking out my review!

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Wonderful first review Rogue. The only thing that I would work on is the lighting. Everything is still clear enough to see, but its just a bit dark. I also suggest to check some sources.

The Wolf is named Worriz.

Great job, nonetheless!

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I had been thinking about skipping this set - but now that you point out the pieces, I've always needed some gold clips and this might be a good excuse! One suggestion about the photography; if you have a program that will do it, just hitting auto-adjust will take out a lot of the tint - though I'm one to talk, my photos aren't so great! :grin:

Thanks for the review!

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This being the first Chima review I've seen, I have to say I think the Legends of Chima is an interesting concept. Anyway, what do I think about this set? The minifigures look amazing with all that detail and the castle looks great with all that colour.

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Great first review. Yeah just a little white balance and you're good to go.

I wasn't even considering this set before but now I kinda want it. Only a matter of time til those speedorz wheels get put to some other uses. There are a lot of good looking parts here. I don't really care for the Lion tribe but the Wolves are great.

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The minifigs look really superb (although the printing on Ewald's dress robe is misaligned). This is one of my must-buy sets from this theme, even if the set itself isn't nothing to write home about.

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Not that I really cared about LoC, but looking at the female bird character I am really disappointed about the bad printing quality what the fitting of torso and legs is concerned! :sick:


:thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

I sincerely hope this is not the quality of every set!

But looking at the bad quality of the latest doctor's torso/leg printing I fear the worst.

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Thank you rogueang for this review. When I first seen the name of this set, I was actually expecting a full-scale castle instead of a mere fa├žade of small building structure where it shows the focus of Speedorz Tournament and featuring more towards Speedorz Challenge instead of a building play set. Still, I like the Eagle sculpture and will probably get this set as well, if the price is reasonable.

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One thing I must comment one though, "1-2-CHI!" Is so cheesy that it hurts. :laugh:

I've seen that so many times already it's like the number 3 doesn't even exist.

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Not that I really cared about LoC, but looking at the female bird character I am really disappointed about the bad printing quality what the fitting of torso and legs is concerned! :sick:

To make things possibly worse, that's not even a female. :tongue:

Ewald is one of the councilmen of the Eagle Tribe.

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