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Review 70000 Razcal's Glider.


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So I went to the Lego store today and just had to add another set to my Legend of Chima collection so here’s another review 70000 Razcal's Glider.

Set Name: Razcal's Glider

Set Number: 70000

Number of Pieces: 109


Released: 2013

List Price: £8.99

Let us begin with the box.


Flying through the air and not a care in the world.


The back shot shows an open box, sorry I was a tad excited!

Now for what’s inside.


The box was quite small but we seem to get quite a bit inside.

Again as with 70001 we get two instruction booklets, this is so Lego can give us a good number of adverts for Chima. Personally it seems pointless to me.



So this set Razcal one of the Raven faction and as with all the Chima sets we’ve seen so far he looks excellent.






Fully built.

So now lets arm Razcal with his oversized and weird looking weapons!


The Glider

It’s a nice simple build with lots of small parts. One thing I want to point out is that by step five Lego feel the need to give us a break and advertise some Chima to us. I don’t know if they think kids are going to get bored but it seems odd to me!


A few more steps on and we come to the end of booklet one with the fuselage mostly completed. I might weird that the Ravens use bones for controllers but they are talking birds so who knows!


In booklet two we start work on the underside


Next attaching the legs, at this stage the model seems to high and lacks width and length, but the wings will take care of that



We’ve also added a reverse flick firing misile, but being attached to a chain I’m not sure what good it’ll do! I think it would just fly around and hit the glider. I’m not sure the Ravens will be winning this war!


So the final and completed model, not that Razcal has places to disassemble his oversized gun and mount them on the side of the glider.



The Rating System

Figures: 9/10 (Only one but fairly good.)

Parts 8/10 (Some interesting parts, including some purple but not an amazing set)

Fun Fun Fun 9/10 (Great fun posing and very swoshable)

Design 10/10 (An excellent design)

Price 8/10 (The price is high but better value than 70001.)

Grand Total 43/50 (A good sets but a way from greatness)


So this is the third review by me for Legends of Chima and this is another set I really like. The design is very well done and you can see the birdlikle qualities of the glider very clearly. We’ve got another excellent figure and a fun model to play with.

I would however like to raise a concerned with pricing. Not so much with this set but with others in the range. I was very tempted by 70012 as well while I was in the Lego shop today, I saw it listed as $39.99 on though not available to buy. Looking at the UK price today I was outraged to see it at £39.99 all the sets of this size seems to be the same which is very disappointing to me. So I guess I’ll be waiting till my trip to the States or for the inevitable Amazon discounts to pick up any more Chima.

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Very nice review!

Are those the pneumatic hose connectors (BL) from the Unimog used for the feet? Certainly some creative part use.

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I finished building this set today, and I think it is pretty cool. I've decided to go for the Eagle and Raven factions first, so this was a must buy set. The figure is awsome, and the set itself is a fun little build.

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Nice review. Thank you for reviewing this small set. I will like to have this set to fight against the Eagle Interceptor and for the price of such small set and to acquire an additional Raven minifig, this will be a pretty good buy.

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Solid review, thanks for sharing!

Such a nice little set, I almost picked this up in John Lewis the other day (£7.95), but stuck with Eris's Interceptor and Crawley's Ripper. Reckon I'll head back at the next opportunity and rectify that! ;)

The Raven Faction minifigs are awesome and I'll really impressed by how cool this glider is for a wee set. As WF mentions above, this'll be the perfect foil for the Eagle Interceptor!

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I just got this guy from the store and built it. It's fun. Very fun. I was initially concerned it was overpriced, but I feel it's worth it having it in hand.

Although... correct me if I'm wrong, but did LEGO just sell me a robot bird who's weapon is that it poops missiles?

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I wasn't going to buy any Chima sets, but I saw this and thought why not, and I really like it! The build is good and I really like the minifig, but I am baffled as to why it has two instruction booklets!

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Bizarrely enough this wee set seems to be pretty scarce on the shelves compared to many of the others... or maybe that's not so bizarre at all given that it's the cheapest Chima set on the street.

Anyway, I managed to find a stock of 'em yesterday and picked one up. It doesn't disappoint and moreover provides a perfect army builder for the Raven faction. I'll very likely be picking up more of this one soon. :)

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At first I thought of passing on Legends of Chima but now I'm starting to drool over this set as a must-have; pretty decent pricing too.

Thanks for the review!

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I don't think the price is very high on this set. For less than a tenner you get a decent, solid and good-looking model, a nice minifig and a whole bunch of very useful pieces, including a chain, large wings and loads of robot arms, all of which would be very useful indeed. As a model it far surpasses most of the things you get in SW battle packs in size and playability.

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After buying this set, I really can't say that opinion of it has improved: It still looks like odd pile of strange parts. The set does have some neat parts ("beak", wings and those awesome printed 1x2 tiles) but still, the completed set looks like it was just first draft, not the final version. It has some good ideas but the execution is just lacking. Of course, if you are into the fig or the whole theme, go ahead and buy it but if you are uncertain, I recommend checking out the part list to see if it really is worth the money.

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There was a sale on Chima sets in my area a while ago and I was lucky that I saw your review back then. I did not regret a bit when I purchased a handful fo those sets. Those Ravens really looked fantastic! :thumbup:

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