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Cardinal Brick

Review 70003 Eris' Eagle Interceptor


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70003 Eris' Eagle Interceptor

Second review in my Legends of Chima series, we’re going to look at Eagle Interceptor, which I think must be one of the sets everyone is waiting to see.

Set Name: Eris' Eagle Interceptor

Set Number: 70003

Number of Pieces: 348


Released: 2013

List Price: £29.99


70003 Bricklink Catalog

Lets us begin with the box, which shows the set and really wetted my appetite to get hold of it.


I’m not sure about flying bits of land!



Again the back shows most of the play featur.

Now for what’s inside.


Three bag build, but only one instruction booklet.


Sticker set, shame they aren’t printed.


Single instruction booklet.

Some interesting parts to take a look at, the new sword is rather oversized and takes a lightsaber blade inside. Also new staff piece and headgear for the figures and bodywear.



So this set has three figures Edri, Rizzo and Razar. You get both the good Eagle faction and the bad Crow faction. Both sides look beautiful, I’ll stop yapping and show you the pictures.


Front without helmets.


Back and reverse of the heads.


Fully equipped from the front.


Fully equipped from the back.

The Models

This set includes two models a Crow minflyer (Hawkman rocket cycle Ed?) and the larger Eagle. So lets first take a look at the smaller of the two. Not much to say really not many parts used for this one but it does look very nice.


Front view.


Side view.

Eagle Interceptor


Now it’s time for the main event the Eagle Interceptor. First we get the cockpit which detatches and also looks like a beak.


Part built.




Next we’ll add the main body which has a rather large cargo area nd a big engine at the top. The tail feathers look really good.


Part built.


A few steps on.


Completed body module.


The back opened so you can see the power crystal and cargo area..


The first thing to say about the legs are they rest on new pieces (well new to me) printed tiles with studs on the back.


A rather simple build and then you add the sticker tile on top of complete the leg.


Part way.


Added sticker.

Finally just add some talons.




Attached to the body.


The wings are quite simple each one has a pair of blasters and a flick fire missile, well it wouldn’t be a play set without a flick fire missile would it!


You can’t see the missile from here.


You can from here.

Now with all the parts made I give you the Eagle Interceptor



The complete set.



The Rating System

Figures: 10/10 (Beautiful and a good selection)

Parts 9/10 (Some interesting new parts especially the head and the new colour)

Fun Fun Fun 10/10 (A swooshing battle to be had!)

Design 10/10 (An excellent design, looks amazing one of the best I’ve seen in ages)

Price 8/10 (It’s expensive but I really don’t care it’s that good.)

Grand Total 47/50 (A great set, if the price goes down I will be buying a second)


So this is the second Legends of Chima set I’ve got my hands on, while I had some reservations about the price of 70001 I’ve not got those concerned here. Lego have given us excellent figures and a model that I just love, while it is more than I’d like to pay when I sat back and looked at it I decided it was worth it.

I feel that the ground vehicles aren’t shaping up as well as the air ones as I want to get my hands on 70000 but I’m not so sure about the rest of the series. My advice would be that if you’re interested to take the plunge with this set you won’t be disappointed.

We’ll see as it develops. So over to you guys what do you think of this set?

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Thank you Cardinal Brick for the review. This is my favourite set and I am very excited about this due to endless fun of playing and swooshing. Not like the rest of the sets which didn't interest me much, this is very exceptional and special to me.

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Thank you for the review!

I am not a big fan of mechs but those minifigure wings and those eagle minifigures... :wub: :wub:

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Thank you for the review!

I'm also not a big fan of the vehicles as well and also the way the wings are put on the back of the minifigures seem blocky :sceptic:

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Great review!

I like those eagle minifigures. Definitely a set to add to my collection! :wink:

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again nice parts, would be only reason for me to get such a set, but might be my problem since I'm not too much into fantasy etc.

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