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Server Status Update

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A few words on what happened and the way forward:

During the night from 17-18 the provider did maintenance on our server. Due to a server reboot part of our database got corrupted. We did not do a full restore from our (daily) backup this time, but only restored the damaged tables (the main one being the members table). So no posts have been lost!

Of course we have to take measures to make us more safe from database corruption and that'll be the next step. This will require a number of changes on the server which will be done during a planned maintenance window. We'll inform you in advance when this will happen (as the site will be offline during this window).

I want to say a big thank you to Ace for his time working on these issues. He was the one fixing the database (preventing loss of posts) and is in charge of the way forward for preventing this. Without Ace the future of EB would be rather uncertain. Thank you Ace!!!

Discussion topic is here.

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