lk.lkaz's Lego Technic "Running" Kinetic Cheetah Frame Pro

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On his Flickr photostream, lk.lkaz posted several GIF animations of his "running" Lego Technic Kinetic Animal Frame prototype. :cry_happy: The 4-second GIF animation shows how it works. A small, continuous 320x240 GIF loop appears below (from his Brickshelf gallery); he has a larger 800x600 continuous GIF loop that you can see here (but is not deeplinked here in the interest of bandwidth).


He wrote that he "...tried to make a cheetah-like mech, but many problems remain :(

1. There is a gap of the stroke speed bitween the front and rear legs.

2. The front and rear legs can't cross each other.

3. A static head and a dynamic tail mechanisms are needed."

His MOC was "Inspired from

Cheetahs on the Edge--Director's Cut by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

by Andrew Chase

LEGO Knuckle walker KONG by ぴこ(PIKO or PICO) (.mpg) ."

He made GIF animation details about the backbone, rear leg, front legs (all below), and gears (above):


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Wow, really cool. There are some clever linkage techniques used here. It doesn't look too sturdy yet though...

And you probably have to use it at speed in order to keep it from falling down...

But if it works it'll be a phenomenal sight :classic:

Thanks for sharing

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Speaking of, I'm trying to make a version of this in real life. I just wish I knew how the gears were synced, I wish there was more than GIFs to work with.

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