Mini Venator/ISD for UCS Super Star Destroyer 10221

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Let me start out by making my intentions clear. 1 I wanted to make a mini imperial style Venator in good scale to the Super Star Destroyer. 2 Make the mini ISD with the model look better and more to scale. After crunching some numbers, the ISD should be 13.5 studs long/4.25 inches, the Venator should be 10.32 studs/3.25 inches. I found it really hard to stick to ten/eleven studs for the Venator. I was able to do a nice ISD at 13 studs but could not use it because of the size of the mini venator. The final models come out to be about 15/16 studs for the ISD and 13/14 studs for the Venator. Here are some pictures from LDD. Before I go ahead and make this i thought i would get some feedback/suggestions. I included in the pictures the original mini ISD model from the set.







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I liked the idea and tried to replicate the mini models and add an acclamator to it.

What do you think?


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You have some nice designs, Jmagaletta.

There is a problem in scale, though.

The Venator (about 1km long) is supposed to be much shorter than the ISD (about 1,6km long).

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