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Hello Eurobricks!

I'm an almost 40year old builder from Belgium. Happily maried, two kids, building since I'm born (more or less). It took some time to find my Legoway: but now I'm convinced that Lego modular is my "playzone". Star Wars, Technic etc are all gone and I collected a small collection of bricks to built my fantasy (not based on anything that exists in reality as far as I know)

I quit building for some years in my early twenties, but started again appox ten years ago. This is my latest creation...


...but before I made this shop, I had to find my Lego-destination. So, this is my story so far...

(My apologies for this long post: I'll make them shorter from now on. :wink:)

Chapter one "Before the modulars came to town"

The kick start after my dark ages. Bricklink was nice to know and the "Hogwarts" idea of Harry Potter triggered my creativity. Red and Tan were the favorite colours. My friends declared me insane when I ordered some thousand 2x4 green bricks...


Build in a rather straightforward way. I added the train station recently. I didn't know about AFOL, SNOT and other strange abreviations :classic:

Chapter two "Mmm those modular houses are lovely"

The Café Corner brought me to the idea to build separate houses. Easier, since the Harry Potter town is all connected and this is rather frustrating when you want to change something. :sceptic: But it was not yet in modular style and it is not possible to lift the floors...


Chapters three "The modulars are in the house"

I kept the Harry Potter part, but everything else is 'demolished'. Heavily impressed by Jasper Joppe Geerts modular houses, I took the road of the modular concept. The first one was a music shop, the second one a café. But I didn't take nice pictures yet.

The music shop...



And some work in progress.

Actually a lot is changed since I took these pictures about two years ago.


Chapter four "A more qualitative picture says more than a thousand words"

And so we're back on the house of the first picture. After a while a decided to make better pictures of my latest: a shop with Egyptian antiquities. The owner lives on the second floor.

I decided that I'm ready for Eurobricks now :laugh: .





Conclusion: I hope to add some more chapters and wish you all the best :laugh:

Comments are off course welcome. It's a hobby so we can learn a lot from each other.

More in this flickr set:

The next plans: I want to do some small rework on my older houses and take better pictures. And finish them... And perhaps an Art Deco house... and and... :laugh:

TwoKnightsBicycle from Belgium

Edited by TwoKnightsBicycle

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Welcome to Eurobricks. You've got some nice MOC's there!

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Welcome to Euroricks! Some impressive modulars you have there :thumbup: Looking forward to seeing some more :classic:

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Wow, nice modulars! Glad to have you hear!

Did you already show your MOC in the Town Forum? If not: come on!

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Welcome in Eurobricks :thumbup: :thumbup: I have to say, great modulars, very well detailed :wink:

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