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Journey, some time later.

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Journey, the situation so far.

Day 227: So, last time this thing worked, I was told that I'm in the future, turns out, I am. I got over it, I went to a camp full of soldiers, of all varieties, even some cops. We traveled north from there, to Flagstaff, the so called Green Zone.

When we got there, it was bad, really really bad. People were being gunned down as we approached the wall that surrounded the city. We turned the truck around, there was only 4 of us at the time, and headed toward Phoenix.

Phoenix was a nightmare, the truck was almost out of gas, and the solar charger was shot. We stashed my bike somewhere safe and moved on. Zombies, literal zombies roamed the streets.

Thats when we met up with more of the guys in blue. Two of them in fact. One was a heavy weapons nut, he called himself Moose, the other was a pilot without a plane. He just went by Merrick.

We traveled through phoenix, gunning down what we could, and running most of the time. We bumped into Sam there, Sam's a hacker. And in a world where computers are practically non existant, he sort of seemed out of place. Until he told us about the Satelite relay system he had been able to use. Turns out it was one of the former USA's. He was using it to use a program called "Google maps". It helped us fine storehouses, and finally a motherload. An underground facility that had enough ammo and food to last until whenever.

Then the megablocks from the Green zone showed up. We fought them off as best we could, in the end we all made it out of there. We were five.

We traveled all over Arizona, hitting Yuma, where a military base was, most of it was picked clean, we contined down toward the border and stopped when we saw our latest additions. An old man, and 3 cops. Well, 3 former cops. Some of them were in riot gear, one had a brown hood and cloak on, he was acting as the groups scout. His name was Alan, the other the mechanic, named Ransom, simply smiled when we approached. An older man was with them, he didn't talk much, bu this son was looking after him, the last cop, Nathan.

Travel onward toward Mexico, we found what looked like a transporter. Some sort of heavy vehicle designed to make it over rough terrain, but not provide alot of cover for other occupants.

We had it running in a month. We headed east. We came to Dallas first, in Dallas we met up with some other survivors, they were trying to make it on their own in a little community. The old timer turned out to know alot about farming and helped the best he could, I patched up who I could, and the cops and soldiers did some scavnging, Merrick did some research on the area one of the last libraries we had seen and brought back books, maps and hard drives. Most of it was garbage, but a bit of it wasn't. Turns out Dallas was working on a renewable powersource called a fusion battery, it had been shipped to Colorado for finalization.

The batter could power the community, and we could set up residence here, if we retreaved it for them, not that we couldn't anyway. My skills as a Dr, and the guns we brough assured a spot. One way or another.

The Colorado facility was invested with genetic mutants. I saw was because I mean was. The soldiers didn't waste any time.

During the fighting my friend, the man that found me, 56780 was hurt. I had to remove his arm. Luckily for us, there was a suitable replacement...At least once we bult it. I kept him alive for the week we need to build it. When we were done his new arm was attached and he was right as rain. Ish. Anyway, I guess it jerks a bit. So he's learning how to be left handed.

We're headed back to Dallas now, we're worried though. We've tried reaching them via radio, but so far, no good. I can say this much though, if our people are in trouble, the people who put them there, better pray we never find them.

Dr. Drake, signing off. Hope. Life. Fight.

The current conversation is over heard, as Myles forgot to press the off button.

"So whats next Drake?" 56780 asked, the noise of the truck/transport could be heard.

"We find out what's going on in Dallas." Myles said.

"What if it's bad?" Merrick asked.

"When we make whoever's done this pay. Damn it, I left the recorder on again, I don't want this thing to run dry aga-"

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Nice work, in particularly with the story :thumbup: :thumbup:

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