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LDD MOC Makuta

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Kind of got a Metru-Nui Makuta going on here with the wings.

As I recall, it is mentioned in the books that 'The Shadowed One', leader of the Dark Hunters, disintegrated them with his eye-beams.

Shame really. The wings are awesome.

The head is built well, and appears very much like the movie Kraahkan(The Mask of Shadows). The body, however small it may appear in comparison to the rest of the body, looks much like the torso the way it was shown on screen. I like what you did with the mid torso and those minifig-looking arm parts; it copies the shape very well. I also like that you gave our favorite Makuta clawed hands, adds to the evil look.

I agree about the feet- they do look a lot like how his feet look in the movies. The legs need some kind of bulk I think, but otherwise..

Good MOC. :classic:

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Lovely design. The brick-built mask and complex torso are great. I only wish the legs and arms had the same level of detail... there's always something odd about a design that has lots of complex detail in the core of the model and then at the limbs begins relying on simpler designs.

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