Hey all, The Pirate comic book "The Golden Medallion" is pretty well known around here. Even though I never owned it as a kid, it was one of my favorite stories ever--finally, a story all about the adventures of Captain Redbeard! For the longest time I wished there were more. And there were, as it turned out. Even though I've been a LEGO fan online since 1997 and have always been on the search for Pirates-related stuff, somehow the four book Ladybird series escaped my attention. I was excited to discover it, and eventually tracked down all four books in the series. Again, my search was over. Or so I thought. A while back we saw this German catalog page, which I never bothered to translate. It clearly shows six installments of the Pirates adventures. If I'd looked closely, I might have noticed that while the art style matched the Ladybird books, the art itself was different. If I thought about it at all, I might have thought that the extra two covers were from the ever-elusive Pirate activity books, which I still haven't been able to find. Of course, if I could read German, I would have known right away what those images represented. Possibly there was even an explanation here on Eurobricks, but if so I forgot it. So imagine my surprise when, while trying to find information on the Adventurers German audio dramas, I discovered that there were not one, not two, but eight LEGO Pirates audio dramas in existence! (I should have known from the start--Germany produces audio dramas at the drop of a hat.) The website hoerspielland.de has a ton of information on each one, including the case artwork, runtime, and cast. With the exception of the first one, which is an adaptation of the Golden Medallion story, these are all completely new and original LEGO Pirate stories. Here are the titles, and what Google translate was able to make of the plot summaries: The first six appear to have been released in 1990 as part of the initial Pirate wave: Der Schatz der halben Münze (The Treasure of the Half Coin, aka The Golden Medallion) The dreaded Captain Roger captured half a mysterious coin, on the part of a treasure map can be seen. Instantly the gold-hungry Captain begins with the search for the second half of the coin. Willy finds his boatswain. Meanwhile, others know of it and are at least as greedy as Captain Roger. The Hunt for the TREASURE OF THE HALF COIN begins! Der Schatz des Gouverneurs (The Treasure of the Governor) Governor [broadside] brings in a very cunning way a treasure in itself. But he has not continued enjoyment of his prey, because the pirates they want for themselves. Even Captain Roger, boatswain Willy and the whole team of daring "Schwarzhai" participate in the hunt ... Bootsmann Willy rettet den Gouverneur (Bo'sun Will Rescues the Governor) Inspectors from Europe have declared themselves. You want to check the management of the Governor. All pirates agree: Governor [broadside] can not stand up to scrutiny diesr! The inspectors will send him to the desert. But who will be the new Governor? Everything can only get worse if [broadside] is gone. Therefore adopt the pirates to save him ... (Note: The concerns here about Broadside's theoretical replacement were also raised in the Ladybird book "The Royal Visit", but this seems to be a different story...) Der geheimnisvolle Schatz (The Mysterious Treasure) Camilla to marry the horrible McGeyer. As bo'sun Will hears about this, he immediately decided to rescue the niece of the governor. He fibs Captain Roger something of a "treasure" - and even lets the pirate captain set sail... Das Geheimnis von La Sceletta (The Secret of La Sceletta) Bo'sun Will gets exciting news: Camilla has found a treasure map, which bears the name of his father. Will immediately sets on the way to learn about his parents and his background. He is made up of great danger, because there is someone who wants to avoid the absolutelty... Das goldene Schiff (The Golden Ship) Governor Breitseit can not resist the temptation. Passes as a gold ship to La Sabatina, he strikes. He grabs the pirate Captain Roger the ship from under the nose. But Roger did not give up, and begins a perilous struggle for the gold... The final audio dramas are episodes 2 and 6 of a larger LEGO series, and introduce elements from later Pirate releases such as Captain Ironhook and the Islanders. There is a new voice actor playing Captain Roger (Redbeard), but Will is the same actor from the previous series. Die Insel der schaurigen Masken (The Island of Scary Masks) "All the people on board" roars Cap'n Roger. "Now we get the treasure!" Wading with greed in mind ie pirates on land. But what is it? Dull roar drums. A grauslicher idol growing out of the southern night. Piratensegel am Horizont (Pirate Sails on the Horizon) (No summary.) One might think that these stories, released on the now-ancient format of audio cassette, would be obscure and impossible to find like the rest of the LEGO audio dramas. Not so, at least for the first six! They were repackaged and re-released without the LEGO brand in 2004, apparently to capitalize on the recently released Pirates of the Caribbean film. (It's interesting to see the non-LEGO versons of Roger, Will, Camilla, and Broadside.) They are available for purchase on CD and immediate download on Amazon.de! Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 I tried to download them in hopes of obtaining a translation, as my father and brother both speak German. Unfortunately, it can only be downloaded in the UK, so perhaps those of you overseas will have better luck. :( I'd still love to obtain the audio dramas somehow... If we could get a translation, or at least better plot summaries that would be amazing. It just goes to show you that no matter how much you think you know about LEGO Pirates, there's always something new to surprise you... TC