Looking for wedding cake top ideas

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I'll be traveling with my wife to Europe to have our church wedding on December 29th and as we're discussing cake decorations, we decided that we're going to have a Lego couple on top. We have http://www.brickset....l/?Set=853340-1 but the "arch" that they have isn't really "cake" geared so I've been tasked with coming up with something..... it needs to be simple but cute (of course :classic: ). I'm open to any and all suggestions that might move me in the right direction.


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When I was getting married (unknown to me at the time) my fiancee called the customer service number for LEGO (the one based, at the time, in Enfield, Conn, USA), explained that she was marrying a major AFOL and asked if they made a cake topper (this was before there was anything official along those lines). The girl on the line said she wasn't aware of anything but would "look into things" and took her contact information.

A couple weeks later, a plain padded envelope arrived in the mail with two minifigures (with three different hair colors for the bride) flower parts and parts to build an arch along with a photo of what the assemble "kit" should look like and a note from LEGO congratulating us on our upcoming wedding.

One more reason why LEGO is a great company.

Anyway, the arch design they they sent us was made from two curved fence parts and four straight fence parts held together with some 1xX plates plates on the bottom/backside and 1xX tiles on the top/front. The whole thing was then flipped on end to get the arch shape and held to a plate with some 1x1 clips. I think it's nicer than the commercial one they eventually produced but your milage may vary.

In any case, congratulations!

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My wedding in October used the official kit [minifigures were tweaked to match the humans a little better]. It fit the context of the whole event quite well, but I can see what you mean about the arch. We were back and forth on it for a while, but ended up sticking with it for simplicity at the time.

Although the arch suggested by the designers a few posts above would probably look pretty clean and effective.


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Maybe a bit bigger than what you're looking for, but here is my wedding cake from a couple of years back, for inspiration:


That was actually one of my very first MOCs :blush:

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