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hello, I am new to this part of the forums, so please excuse me if I do/say something wrong.

I am looking at selling some minifigs on trademe, a local ebay if so to say and was wandering if the prices I am looking at selling them are just, should they be higher/lower?

POTC Hadras NZ$ 10 ( about 8usd)

POTC Maccus NZ$ 15 (about 12 usd)

POTC Davy Jones NZ$ 20 ( about 16 usd)

please note the black pearl never came to NZ so the figs are in fairly high demand

LEGO FRIENDS blond girl NZ$ 10 (about 8usd)

Superman keychain NZ$ 15 (about 12 usd)

what are your thoughts?

sorry I am unfamiliar with buying and selling anything apart from entire sets.


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