Swarm Interceptor MOD v1

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Having just picked up and built the Swarm Interceptor I have to say that while I liked the small fighter, it felt to me like couple tiny mods could make it just perfect... Funny enough that couple tiny mods turned into bigger mods and now it looks a little bit like a Klingon Bird of Prey :)

First mod had to do with the front piece... the way it was out of the box it felt a bit unfinished, which was a shame as there were so many ways to take care of it... Here's what I did to streamline it.


Next couple MODs can be seen in the pic below. I have moved back the technics axle into the main body a bit just so that I could place a solid brick inside of the cockpit (hated the thought of loss of pressure during decoupling from the main body). I have also modified the back piece (removed the turret) and recessed a bit the side cannons.


I wasn't too keen on the engines residing on the wings. When the wings changed their position that would affect how the fighter flighs. Also I imagine that the engines on wings would put more stress on the hinges making it a weak point while high speed maneuvers and lets face it... I'd rather loose a wing and retain the engine and hope that I power through to a safe or semi safe landing (or at least stabilize in order to decouple safely) rather than be thrown into a crazy spin with only one engine when the wing with the engine falls off....


Now that I am done with the front and back, it was time to address the side and wing. Since I no longer had the engine on the wing, I had to readjust them a bit so that they would look more balanced (after removing the engine they seem a bit offset to the front). I have also recessed the side cannon into the wing to protect it from the bottom and the side.


Next comes the hinge mechanism. Since the back part no longer had the engine, I had to find a clean way to "drop" it down. Small curve was all it took. Also a added a piece just below the laser in order to give it a bit of a cleaner look.


Last but not least is a pic of the rear piece of the fighter and one wing next to each other.....


One more thing just occurred to me... When the pod detaches, it needs some sort of means of propulsion.... so here's the small engine exhaust/output in the pod.


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