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Working steering for f1 car

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I'm looking for some sort of steering arm that will attach onto the axle in front of the two yellow bushes but when the suspension arms pivot they will get in the way as shown in the second image.

The thing I need attached needs to have a pivot on it so a lift-arm or beam can move up and down like how the suspension arms do but it obviously rotates when the axle rotates for the steering. The bushes are there as a spacer as there is a gap since the spindle is offset by half a hole (0.5L) so whatever you put on the axle wont get obstructed by the two black connectors. The other thing is, if there is too many points in which it can pivot vertically when it is supposed to rotate horizontally to steer the car so I think it should have one vertical pivot on one side and another on the other side (just before it connects to the steering rack or other way of steering it with HOG or a motor). Reason being that it does not let the steering arm pivot horizontally without the axle also pivoting horizontally and it allows the steering arm to move with the suspension arms for clearance.

The reason why I'm using a steering arm that is above the suspension arms is because the steering angle range is so large that it is very hard to have it work on both left and right turning without it being obstructed, even it if had one steering arm either side of the spindle.



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