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2012 Christmas layout

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I have been thinking about building a christmas landscape for my vintervillage sets. Finally I got the idéa.

It was a long journey, and it still need some work. But here are the first pictures. (Missing the vinter village post office)

I hope you like it. Please comment, good or bad. I still need to improve alot to keep up with you guys ;-)

P.S. Hope it´s okay to link to imagevenue... The only place I know to upload my pictures to.

th_470776985_20121108_162833_122_1115lo.jpg th_470785665_20121108_170217_122_756lo.jpg th_470793728_20121108_170225_122_515lo.jpg

th_447080199_20121108_170243_122_362lo.jpg th_470812414_20121108_215510_122_591lo.jpg th_470825205_20121108_215524_122_46lo.jpg

th_470837600_20121108_215529_122_371lo.jpg th_447085385_20121108_215537_122_213lo.jpg th_470865839_20121108_222941_122_362lo.jpg

th_470882921_20121110_092153_122_407lo.jpg th_447089514_20121110_092159_122_254lo.jpg th_470913957_20121110_092209_122_410lo.jpg

th_470927337_20121120_184103_122_97lo.jpg th_470942544_20121120_184146_122_373lo.jpg th_470956272_20121120_201258_122_86lo.jpg

th_470968762_20121121_174728_122_23lo.jpg th_470981713_20121201_214118_122_483lo.jpg th_470996890_20121201_214134_122_219lo.jpg

th_471012278_20121201_214440_122_410lo.jpg th_471025232_20121201_214449_122_166lo.jpg th_471037575_20121201_230310_122_380lo.jpg

th_471050527_20121201_230342_122_218lo.jpg th_471061235_20121202_110607_122_499lo.jpg th_471074693_20121202_110611_122_35lo.jpg

th_471083463_20121202_110615_122_182lo.jpg th_471094250_20121202_110626_122_561lo.jpg th_471104641_20121202_173710_122_473lo.jpg

th_471115853_20121202_173727_122_529lo.jpg th_471127824_20121202_173733_122_228lo.jpg th_471141447_20121202_173738_122_779lo.jpg

th_471152719_20121202_173743_122_558lo.jpg th_544711633_20121202_173751_122_440lo.jpg th_471175179_20121202_173756_122_95lo.jpg

th_471186119_20121202_173802_122_366lo.jpg th_471196756_20121202_173905_122_373lo.jpg th_471208221_20121202_173911_122_64lo.jpg

th_544712176_20121202_173926_122_340lo.jpg th_471227387_20121202_173940_122_1143lo.jpg

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I love the base you've made for this. It's not Lego, but its looks fantastic nevertheless, and perfect for showing off the Winter Village sets.

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That is a very fantastic base! I'd love to see a Lego version, but excellent, none the less.

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