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Hello, Cyril from Berkshire, UK. About to play lego (again)

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My name is Cyril. I am in Berkshire, UK.

After 20 years lego free, I am about to start my addiction again with Lego. This time, the kids are a good excuse.

Santa will get the Cargo set 7939 and passenger set 7938 for my two kids. And for me, Santa will bring me the Maersk 10219 set.

But since, I've been surfing ebay for tracks and spares. So far, I managed to get 95 straights, 54 curves, 6 points, 100 flexi and 2 complete power function. That plus what comes with the sets above should get us starting well. I also have a cute vintage train station. i also have an incomplete passenger set for spare in case my younger kids loose things (and he will)

I am also planning to order 2 Horizon Express sets 10233 in january. As soon as it become available.

I still need to break the news to my wife about this. She is only aware of Santa's 3 sets ;-)

And so far, all in hidden in boxing until Xmas.

My challenges I things will be:

- Space and how to keep my wife happy

- How to combine my kids amusement with my new hobby

- Learn how to build MOC without having to own my own lego shop

- Meet other adults with the same hobby in Berkshire

- Not spend all my money in Legoland (Windsor) as I leave 10 miles away from the park.

I am also planning to got to this Exhibition:

Thank and hello again to all.

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Enjoy you stay at EB, apart from seeing a lot of new stuff (temptation) and time, it won't cost a thing ;) Hoe I do it: get my wife also involved, she likes LEGO too even did a FIRST LEGO League match with her pupils (special needs PDD-NOS / megablocks / ADHD children, first grade high school), they loved it!

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