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(my)Best Crawler Yet

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Hello everyone, been busy with school but have still built many MOCs, some taken apart so fast after completion I never even took pictures :grin: but I have taken pictures/video of some, I'll start with this crawler I built recently. An xl motor on each axle geared down 1:3, Rok Lox 1.9 tires, 4 link suspension with LOTS of flex, low center of gravity, lightweight and long wheelbase all add up to an amazing machine :thumbup: :thumbup: its so lightweight it cant get enough grip to climb steep angles, unless its a surface like fabric, hence the crawling capabilities shown here:

there is another video on my channel of the 'prototype' before my changes/improvements. Pics: dscn0953.jpg


Only half of the flex^ it can easily be 90 degrees



Servo steering^



Took some links off for a new dragster idea with pneumatic suspension. Enjoy!

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Nice, please make a video at outside. I would like to see how it acts on rocks. Keep out good work!

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WOW! Amazing performance.

Maybe it is time I put my RC motors away and start using my XL motors again.

It looks wide, but that makes it stable.

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