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Hammerstein NWC

SH-CCC - Captain America #241 (CGC)

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Didn't have the dark blue bricks I wanted to do the Caps legs akimbo as I wanted but the Important thing is taking part. :)

Since i first saw the Punisher as a small child he overtook Spiderman as my favorite ever Superhero. Malcolm X has nothing on the Punisher. Punisher would kill, ransom or plain just brutalize anything that got in his way for vengance or "justice".



Custom Parts used

Christo Custom Punisher torso

V&A Steamworks Crazy Arms

Autopistol by Brick Arms.

Punisher Trivia fact: Originally the Punisher was called the Assassin.

EDIT OOPS original cover here with the "graphics" cut out in mspaint. :)


Edited by CorneliusMurdock

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Awesome. I really like it that.

Although I like to see how the Cap with akimbo legs ..

Good luck in the contest !

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