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MOC: modular 1484 Weetabix house

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I'm learning how to use LDD (read: learn how to not lose my temper when it crashes) and rebuilding an old fave in the format of the newer, bigger and more detailed modular Town buildings.

I believe this set came free with tokens as a promotional thing when you bought Weetabix back in the's so long ago now, all I remember is eating loads of the stuff as a youngster and getting this cool little set. It has a nice look to it what with the two staggered halves to the building, plus the neat skylights in the roof. With a bit more floor space I reckon there's room to add more furniture, close off the back walls, add a pitch to the roof on both front and back, and make it look more in proportion with the modulars.

Unfortunately LDD is apparently prone to bugs, at least in my case, so it's not as complete - or detailed - as I'd hoped. Ignoring then the fact that half the building floats in midair like an M C Escher optical illusion, here's the first draft of the ground floor.

Viewed from the rear, with a 4-stud full-height window (I wanted five studs high, but LDD only had a 4x6).


View from the front with postbox and garden furniture. I'll use the original 4x5 doors.


The floor plan. Kitchen/diner to the left; living room/study on the right.


Unless something miraculous happens when getting to grips with LDD, I'll probably build this 'IRL' instead since it'll be less frustrating in the long run! :wall: I'm keeping it to two floors for now, but of course since it'll be a modular there'll be room to add more in between the ground floor and the top one. In my late-night hair-tearing session this evening I even forgot where the stairs are going to go though, so suggestions are welcome!

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