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Mirkwood and Eregion dioramas

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I received a shipment of bricks from bricklink and couldn't help but put together something.

There are two dioramas, the first is Mirkwood: Elves


Welcome to the Eastern gate of Mirkwood known as the Emerald Way


The Left side features a few Mirkwood Sentries ever vigilant of the growing shadow from Dol Guldur

The right side has some dutiful Archers but a couple who would rather slack off


Rochir and Glaeron would much rather drink Dorwinion wine than stand on patrol


Captain Aledur stands in the outpost high in the trees with his owl Dinalagos

Picture Not Found

Aledur and his Mirkwood Sentinels

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Pics are too big.

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In 1697 of the Second Age, Lord Celebrimbor of Eregion had fallen to Sauron and the entire kingdom was ravaged from the Misty Mountains to Eriador in the East. High-King Gil-Galad sent Elrond as his herald to Eregion to help the survivors escape the wrath of Sauron.


Elrond with his brigade from Lindon has found a survivor in the wreckage of the once majestic city of Ost-in-Edhil.


Sauron in his boundless cruelty has sent trolls to rampage the ruins of the city.


The bridge is broken and Sauron intends to let no survivors of Eregion live.


The Last stand of the Noldor in Eregion


Eiliant and Midhanar have fallen. Herumacil one of the refugees of Eregion charges against the orcs!


Inspiration for creating the scene, I was just toying with some bricks.

I want to create an Noldor fortress in Eregion which Elrond commands before retreating and founding Imladris. Also when I get more bricks from bricklink I want to create a much more largescale Mirkwood sentry gate with buildings and towers and ramparts.

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Pictures are too big

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ALL of these photos are outside the site guidelines of 800 x 600. Please resize them or I will have to take them all down.

Tutorial on resizing can be found here.

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What the elf? If I bought 5 Elronds here in Germany it would cost about 120 Euro?!

Hmm, Elronds torso backside almost looks better than the front.

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Okay sorry about that I searched under forums to find a resizing tutorial to no avail. I will look over the link you provided and make the appropriate changes.

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Easiest thing to do is upload them to Flickr. Flickr gives multiple size options after you upload. Also is a good resource for resizing.

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Nice dioramas. That is a lot of Mirkwood archers and Elronds you have there. I do think the back of Elrond's torso is fitting for other people in the same "unit" without looking too identical. It seems to be one of the better backs to use as a front. I still prefer the front though. I tried using the Rohan soldier's back as a front on another person. It doesn't look awesome by any means, but it doesn't look as bad as it could. Just adds some variety.

I like the tree scene with Mirkwood the most. Odd that the Mirkwood set has black tree pieces with dark red leaves and the Mirkwood archer polybag has brown and green trees.

Keep up the good work.

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Okay I am currently working on re sizing the original pics. I took the advice to load them on flickr. Also I finished a first attempt at elven architecture. I received more stuff from bircklink but unfortunately I had to recycle Mines of Moria for parts.

I hope you guys like my totally improved Mirkwood Sentry Gate:


The main gate with stronghold behind


Full wide shot of Mirkwood with scenery


The gate has opened to allow for reinforcements


Spiders from the accursed side of Mirkwood have encroached on the Elves territory


The time has come for close quarters combat


Details on the wooden part of the gate


Lanterns adorn the top of the gate as well as the walkway connecting the towers


The lookout tower holds spare arms and vigilant sentinels


The main tower has the Captain's quarters and an elf is peeking from the top window


More detail on the wooden wall part and a tree that has grown out of the wall


The door to the main tower


The main tower in detail


Second main tower image in full


The lookout tower in more detail


Close up of the walkway connecting the towers


Table with Wine bottle, goblets, and a candlestick, this was seen on the walkway


And a preview minifigure:

Ecthelion, Lord of the Fountain with his Shield studded with a diamond



I should be getting my brickforge order tomorrow and with it the parts needed to improve the Prologue Elven Noldor and Ecthelion as well.

I'm not sure how to use flickr because I cannot get the images embedded and apparently the images are already safely resized automatically by flickr. I will have to work on this for a bit.

Edited by ZCerberus
Added photos.

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I love those elves with the green hoods. They look fantastic! Will definitely have to pick up a Mirkwood Elf Guard set sometime!

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