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EB SW Xmas raffle 2012 entries finished

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The raffle entry window has closed.

WOW - 165 cool entries in the raffle :wub: ! Well done everyone!

So the chance of winning is 72/165, about 43,6%. Not bad for that effort.

The prizes:

Winner 1: sw361.jpgsw392.jpgsw405.jpgsw418.jpgsw413.jpg

Winner 2: sw406.jpgsw374.jpgsw387.jpgsw411.jpgsw417.jpg

Winner 3: sw404.jpgsw407.jpgsw421.jpgsw420.jpgsw414.jpg

and as extra topping on the cake - the 3 winners on the 24th each also get one sw402.jpg!

More information on how this will go down - here!

Now good luck everyone :thumbup: !

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