Questions about Alumilite's Amazing Casting Resin

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Hey guys,

I was going to make molds of some of my custom accessories and cast them in casting resin, but first I have a few questions:

1. Do Alumilite's resin dyes work with the "Amazing Casting Resin?

2. How is the level of detail of the final casts using Amazing Casting Resin and Amazing Mold

Putty in custom LEGO parts?

3. Is the final result durable?

If there is any other information you could give me regarding this, I would love to here it.

Comments and Feedback appreciated!!! :)

- Jake

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Back in the early 90's I used this product to produce resin 1/72 scale model airplane kits. They still are around today with no appreciable degradation. Interestingly enough, I used LEGO to make the mold boxes, they work really well for that.

It's not as durable as the LEGO ABS, but probably would work for custom parts. The level of detail is incredible, but unless you use a pressure casting system you'll probably end up with air bubbles. I've recently tried using the mold putty and it's pretty decent for how fast it works except that I wouldn't use it for a multi part mold. Regular RTV seems to work better.

As far as I know, the dyes should work fine with the resin.

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