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Ninjas vs Pirates vs Zombies vs Robots

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I made this for a show back in June, but didn't find time to take some individual photographs of the separate modules until more recently. The concept was to have each of the fighting parties have one baseplate for their habitat, and then make the different environments blend together in the middle, where they would clash. At the show it was expanded a bit on the pirates and ninja side, to make room for Quarryman's ghost ship, but that isn't originally part of the MOC. Anyway, enough chit chat, pictures!

(please ignore the fact that my lightbox is too small, and that I suck too much with photo editing to edit it out...)






And some pics taken at the show:







More pics here:

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Great concept, I (naturally!) like the ninja section best, though the zombie road looks great! :thumbup: I think the pirate sand could use a few 1x1 round tan tiles or something similar to break it up a bit, but on the whole fantastic job! Must say I like the robot posing too!

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And the battle that day was Epic on all counts. For Ninja Fought Pirate Fought Robot Fought Zombie and every warrior, whether shinobi or scurvey sea-dog, mechanised menace or shambling dead, fought with action and awesome.


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I really enjoy this type of display, mixing the different themese really works here. :thumbup:

The shack is wonderfully detailed :wub:

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