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[FS][USA] TRU Gift Card

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I'd like to sell a TRU (Toys R Us) gift card, also good at Babies R Us. The balance is $123.78 USD. (I'm not sure if this would be usable outside of the USA.) Looking at plasticjungle, TRU gift cards are all sold out at a 10% discount. So I'm asking about 10% off it's face value, or $112 (rounded up 60 cents).

It was originally (and still is I guess) an "e-giftcard", good for online purchases and in-store purchases. (For in-store, you need the full email printout, which I can dig up.) Another tactic is to immediately use this GC number and pin to buy another TRU gift card, effectively exchanging one number/pin for another. Anyway...

I have the card number and PIN here. I would expect a Paypal payment, and then I'll email the card number and pin.

To help prove I won't rob you blind, I'm on a straightshooters list, an ebay profile in good standing, and a bricklink buyer profile with some feedback.

http://www.eurobrick... ... ntry714451



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