MOC Doctor's Surgery/Clinic

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indexed.gif B-PV-05E


I recently picked up the latest hospital set (4429) with a mind to modify it to fit my small village (which is actually starting to look more town-like!) The result was this small doctor's surgery/clinic... although the basic layout was made using parts from 4429, I ended up using quite a few extra bits from my collection to improve the appearance and add some details. (making it a MOC rather than a MOD)

Main view... the ambulance from 4429 does fit in the garage but only just, so i've use the doctor's car from a few years ago instead. (the doctor can use it for home visits and as a first responder vehicle for major incidents)


Both vehicle and building need some stickers but I'm undecided on whether to use the modern blue EMT cross or go for a classic red cross... any opinions?


Inside - apart from the garage, there's a small reception area where locals can get advice on minor ailments from the qualified nurse/receptionist. For more complex problems, the doctor can see patients in his examination room. (contains handwashing facilities, examination bed with adjustable overhead lamp, and a diagnostic computer (for checking blood pressure, heart rate etc)



Here's its location, at the edge of the park in my (recently extended) village.


Finally a street level view...


I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I think it still looks vaguely like the original. However the more I look at it the more I think it would make a good fire station (housing a single appliance manned by retained firefighters) or even a police station. I might also enlarge it slightly by adding another 8x16 plate... watch this space!!

Thanks for looking... comments always welcome.

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Really cool! One thing that always bugs me with Lego sets that are released is that 99% of them don't have bathrooms ;) After all where does one go when he's told to pee in a cup for tests :)

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Simple yet effective, you have packed so much realistic stuff in to a 16x16 plate and yet kept it Lego-ised 'greg3'. :sweet:

The simple sink and medicine cabinet....simple yet very clever and so classic town as well ! :grin:

Brick On 'greg3' ! :classic:

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