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What on earth could this be? Hmm...







EDIT: Bio Time

This guy's codenamed "Ice Man". He is a new recruit for Dark Matter's group, but has a cold attitude and a big reputation in the crime community.

He will make quick work of any situation with his ice-based abilities, including the ability to create weapons out of pure, undiluted ice crystal, like the ax and shield shown.

The spike buttons on his chest are used as a last-resort attack. They act as tracking missiles, that once lodged in their target, use Ice Man's energy to fry the foes circuits. The energy used takes a toll out on Ice Man, but fortunately, leftover energy from the attack can be reclaimed if the missile is reached quick enough.

Ice Man stands at roughly 9 feet tall, assuming the standard HF 2.0 Hero is roughly 6 feet.

These have got to be my best photos of a MOC ever :grin:

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Thanks guys.

I didn't think of the head like that, suppose you're right. Gives me a whole new outlook on this guy, let me tell you. I wanted to give this guy two eyes, but I could not find the right parts to make it happen.

I messed around with the lower arms for a while, but they didn't look right in any other size. I tried putting the cladding on sideways but it caused too much friction with the 2.0 torsos on the arms and kept popping those off. I'll see if I can do something about the arms, the holes when visible in the front are quite distracting...

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