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Only ones I want are Yeti,and I'll get the scientist and Granny to turn into zombies,my 9 yr old nephew on the other hand,wants them all!

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I think the whole series is outstanding even though there are reused counterpart. And many fairytale elements are nice.

I'm not sure about Grandma. She doesn't look very good with Starlet's hair, since she should be a traditional woman that has a granddaughter with a red riding hood and a barcode-headed husband. If she's alone in a City set, I would be more willing to get her.

Though the Jazz Player has a tribute, I worry that he would become one of the Gangsters without his jazz.

The Diner Waitress is very cool, but I'd like to see a lady that works with the Waiter who seems to be from a luxury hotel.

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oooooooooooooooooo just wonderfull serie!! i really want all!!! i really like how many new parts we 'll get and doamn! a new cat too!!!? woow!!!!

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I cannot wait for the release.

Here's my thoughts on S11 in my story.

Yeti - unknown

Evil Mech - Possible to be Nate Darkspeed's henchmen.

Welder - One of the workers who works in the B.A. Officials.

Lady Robot - Tanya Starspeed's robot partner and Robbie's love interest.

Jazz Musician - One of the famous musicians who assigned in the B.A Officials.

Constable - Maybe Police officers in London.

Holiday Elf - Santa's wise helper.

Bavarian Lady - Could be Albert's love interest.

Scarecrow - Unknown

Mountain Climber - Unknown

Grandma - an old woman who resides in B.A Retirement Center.

Tiki Warrior - unknown

Gingerbread Man - unknown

Barbarian - assumed to be an arch nemesis of Octavious.

Dinner Waitress - a waitress in B.A. Diner and Chelsea's friend and co-worker.

Scientist - Shawn's colleague and a creator of CP-8833.

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I like them all apart from the 'lady robot'. That's just a horrible minifigure.

Grandma, Constable, waitress, musician, scientist, welder, climber and scarecrow are must haves for me.

Mech, Tiki warrior, elf, gingerbread man will be nice to have but not essential.

Barbarian, Bavarian girl and Yeti I'm not likely to get but who knows.

The cat and the darker teddy bear are really nice. The welders gear and saxophone are awesome and the constables truncheon is very retro. Placing him in the 1950's by the looks of him. Stick him on a black bicycle chasing one of those cat burglars from this years City museum robbery set and he'll look right at home.

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Barbarian: Nice, but obviously there's no real catch here - no new parts or anything really standing out. Their one chance to legitimately use a BFS and they cop out :tongue:

Scarecrow: I was hoping for a slightly more timeless torso design for my medieval purposes, but I suppose this is good enough. Nice to get a Tonto crow, I'm not sure if I'll get around buying Lone Ranger sets.

Bavarian Girl: I'm really not fond of cloth skirts, but otherwise a very nice design. The torso is great for my villagers and the hair is sweet too. I wish CMFs would include more neutral expressions. All these wide grins are getting tedious. But freckles! Aww!

Blacktron Mech: I'm not liking the look of this one too much, and obviously it's a complete rehash (of a Battle Mech I actually really liked surprisingly much). But still, it is Blacktron. It was destined to be a bad fig. Evil, even. I'll get one for the sake of nostalgy (just like I did with Series 3 Blacktron cyborg thingy).

Tiki Warrior: Really surprising that they decided to use the old, simple spear! I wasn't expecting to ever see that in CMFs. The mask is undeniably cool, but I do wonder how the fig will look like from other angles. Won't the room between head and mask look awkward?

Gingerbread Man: Really not my cup of... what ever he's supposed to be dunked in. Just awkward. Veeery awkward. :sick:

Holiday Elf: Another usable torso for my villagers, but the expression isn't the best, as has been said. All in all I'm not too fond of this type of kid-like and green-clad Christmas elfs (maybe because I know them just from all the overcommercial overcheerful American holiday movies and such).

Yeti: As I've said before, I would have hoped for a bit different and more serious take of a classic case of cryptozoology, but I'm fine with this one too. It's cute and I certainly want one. It would have been nice to get a normal head and hair piece instead of a single mold, for different uses.

Mountain Climber: Not for me, and somehow even the rope piece doesn't look right.

Welder: Not for me, but certainly a useful figure with great accessories for all the City builders.

Scientist: Well designed figure, but there's nothing that really stands out. She's quite like the Barbarian in that aspect. Flasks are of course nice. And she has the best (most neutral) expression out of the females in this series, though it's not that spectacular either.

Jazz Musician: Cool, but actually... I kinda expected the saxophone piece to look better. Don't know why really, but I'm slightly disappointed. Might look better in real life though.

Waitress: Another cup of something other than my tea. But it will be interesting to see whether the light yellow on yellow will look less awkward in person.

Grandma: So against our guesses this was not a supporting figure for Little Red Riding Hood's adventures but a more contemporary figure. I was really, really, really hoping against hope that the fig wouldn't have glasses, but no luck. Here's to hoping that we'll get some other elderly female minifig some other time. It's hard to judge the cat mold before I can hold it in my own hands and turn it around, but nevertheless it's great that Friends doesn't have a complete monopoly on producing new animals into Lego world.

Bobby: Great design, awesome moustache!

Lady Robot: Ugh. Just ugh. But what to expect, I already disliked the Clockwork Robot.

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Such a pity the figs that would benefit from 2 face prints won't be able to have them due to their headpieces.

Scarecrow could have done with a 'boo' look & a blowing face for the jazz musician.

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Barbarian – It merinds me of a gladiator rather than a “Barbarian”. Although he doesn’t have any unique weapon/haircut/torso, the overall impression is pretty cool.

Scarecrow – I thought it will be perfect. It is perfect. Crow, pitchfork, everthing is superb! :sweet:

Lederhosen Lady – The hair is good, but why a pretzel again. Maybe the transparent mugs? Or an edelweiss? But otherwise she’s pretty.

Evil Mech – I’m not a scifi fan, so I skip him (it?).

Tiki Warrior – Another perfect one. According to the “instruction” an islander hairpiece, yipii!

Gingerbread Man – The way I expected him, one of the better ones.

Elf – He looks like a mouse with these ears :wacko: But the accessories are good. Is that same teddybear as before?

Yeti – The flagship of the series, brilliant! Another previous question solved: One piece for the head.

Mountain Climber – The red/black colours look good, better than I expected. But is he planning to mine some coal with that huge axe?

Welder – A decent fig, but nothing special to me. The welding equpiment will be popular I guess.

Scientist – I’m a chemist so she is perfect to me, but otherwise an average one.

Jazz Musician –He looks blues to me, brother! The long-expected sax is here!

Waiter –The outfit is what I expected with the tray and the rollerblades. Her clothes are cool yellow I guess, but it’s a little bit bothering. Why not light aqua or pink? And a coffee pitcher(?) would have been better.

Grandma – I expected the sumo hair in grey, this one is too “modern” to me, but the cat is nice.

Constable – My dreams came true! :wub:

Lady Robot – N/A.

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Wow.... Love series 11..

Yeti - COOL....

Evil Mech - Wha...not special

Welder - Cool accessoires

Lady Robot - From the Jetsons :-P

Jazz Musician - Sax for Lisa from the Simpsons

Constable - Another UK charecter

Holiday Elf - Cool face

Bavarian Lady - Wow nice hair piece, nice for kids.

Scarecrow - Happy Scarecrow.. With Johnny Deps Bird

Mountain Climber - Ok

Grandma - The BEST!!! A Golden Girl with a pet

Tiki Warrior - ok

Gingerbread Man - From Shrek

Barbarian - Xena's boyfriend

Dinner Waitress - SUPERCOOL... Like the skates, hair, faceprint.. Now a chef for the diner..

Scientist - Nice faceprint

Edited by MisterR

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Just like series 8: some good stuff and a lot of recycling / counterparts.

Barbarian: Two weapons and no shield? (I'm not into Barbarians, so I don't know how accurate my grump is)

Scarecrow: A really nice one

Bavarian Girl: kinda nice, kinda boring

Blacktron Mech: just bo-ring

Tiki Warrior: I like it mostly because Islanders were part of my dark ages.

Gingerbread Man: Nice fellow

Holiday Elf: Nice, and very easy to spot by feeling

Yeti: A funny one, and a welcome accessory (I know they've been out there for years, I just don't own one).

Mountain Climber: Not bad; probably one of the six-ers.

Welder: Great accessories, good concept.

Scientist: "I've seen this before"; and please, stop using that hairpiece!

Jazz Musician: Here comes another winner!.

Waitress: Odd hair, odd face, but still average.

Grandma: The best amongst counterparts.

Bobby: I could live without another policeman, but at least they did something original.

Lady Robot: see Blacktron mech.

A predictable step back compared to series 10, but not totally bad.

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I love the mask on the tiki warrior, and the barbarian has 2 swords! That will be useful for army building. What with jazz musicians, waitress' on roller skates and police constables, I think this is a 50's theme.

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If they've been bought, are there any actual product pictures? I'm always a bit underwhelmed by the pictures after all the initial speculation, until I see the figures 'in the plastic'.

Severely disappointed by the Barbarian. Had hoped for a new sword or at least something. Was expecting more of a Conan look.

The yellow was definately an odd choice for the waitress, maybe it will look different in person.

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I shall conform, here are my opinions in a convenient list:


Quite meh, only meagre perk is the swords. Atrocious face.


Really quite nice, lovely hat.

Bavarian Girl

Nice torso and skirt. Atrocious face.


Not a standout. Although I have a use for him.

Tiki Warrior

Finally, an Islander. Real standout, I'm incredibly happy that Lego had the good grace to include the traditional hairdo as well as that ugly behemoth of a mask.

Gingerbread Man

Doesn't whet my appetite.

Holiday Elf

Nice torso, hat and politically correct brown teddy-bear. Yo. Atrocious face.


A cute little individual, nice popsicle.

Mountain Climber

I passed out from altitude-sickness or possibly boredom.


Mask is great, as is the equipment.


Her two flasks must contain sleeping potion, because she consists of incredibly overused parts and is subsequently tedious enough for me to have a nap.

Jazz Musician

Excellent, especially for my 1920s gangster-like people. Torso is commendable too. Atrocious face.


Awful, almost vomit inducing. Atrocious face.


Awful figure, terrible face. Nice cat and hairpiece though.

Bobby Police Constable

One of my favourites. Nice torso, lovely helmet. Odd truncheon.


Despite being a rehash, she does have gauge/dial breasts.

This instalment isn't the best, it has some notable rehashes and some of the worst minifigure faces in a series on record, yet there are a select few strong characters amongst the increasingly cartoonish crowd.

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This is what I think of them:

1 - Barbarian. Okay I guess... I won't be trying to get this one though.

2 - Scarecrow. Amazing!

3 - Lederhosen. Another good civilian minifgure.

4 - Evil Mech. This one looks really good! Also... BLACKTRON!

5 - Tiki Warrior. What an amazing mask.

6 - Gingerbread man.. I don't like the head.

7 - Christmas Elf . I'm not to keen on the seasonal minifigures.

8 - Yeti. Another must get from this series!

9 - Climber. It's good to see a new sport.

10 - Welder. Another useful civilian.

11 - Scientist. Apart from the flasks it isn't that good.

12 - Saxophone player. The saxophone is great!

13 - Waitress. The yellow looks a bit...

14 - Grandma. A rather odd face but a useful minifigure over all.

15 - Bobby. A nice minifigure for a costume party :tongue:

16 - Female Robot. Wha-

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Barbarian - A bit meh! Looks like a yellow version of the Prince of Persia minifig

Scarecrow - Like this one, pretty cool printing

Lederhosen Lady - Will probably end up with a couple of these for the hair

Evil Mech - Meh! Will avoid this one

Tiki Warrior - LOVE this one, turned out really well, will have to get one or two of these.

Gingerbread Man - Looks good from the front, not so sure it'll look as good from the side if it's a two piece head. Love the mug!

Elf - Cutesy poo, nice new teddy printing

Yeti - Will get one of these, after all the discussion it looks as though it's a print for the face.

Mountain Climber - A little bit meh!

Welder - LOVE this one, welder & mask looks great & love the burn marks in his overalls! :laugh:

Scientist - My wife will love this one, will be one for me & one for her of this one... change the hairpiece to a blonde one & it IS my wife!

Jazz Musician - Blues Brothers/Madness MOCs galore! Love the sax

Waiter - Ermmm, hmm... err, well this had the potential to be a great minifig. Liking the 50s diner look but a pale pink or blue print for the torso would've been better. Really surprised TLG chose yellow as it makes her look naked (Bet there's no back printing on the legs! Bare bummed girl huh?) Not overly keen on the pink skates either. Like the facial printing though. Hair I'm unsure of until I see it up close.

Grandma - Two words... MRS DOUBTFIRE! :wink: Face looks a bit odd, like the fact we've got a new animal mold though, even if it is "blocky". Like the crazy cat lady jumper :thumbup:

Constable - .LOVE IT!!! Been waiting for one of these since series 1 & TLG have done very well. Typical Victorian/Edwardian policeman. Will definately have to get a few of these.

Lady Robot - Meh, just another rehash! :hmpf_bad: Another to avoid

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Definitely need one of each, as per usual. Gonna stock up on the female scientists though, for the woman in lab coat and the new colors of flasks. My wife is already obsessed with the yeti.

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I like the British Bobby, definitely want a few of him for a more traditional UK police force for my town.

The Jazz player is a definite too.

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My share on the new minifigs. I'm not following them anymore, so I wasn't familiar with any speculations. I like some of them enough to buy them, also as I see a use of them in my builds. Bobby, Jazz musions and grandma are a must buy. I love the sax, and bobby's stick. Also, grandma's hair in grey - finally! (I've been looking for grey female hair for a while). Among the other figs, Scarecrow looks interesting, but not enough to buy one. Nevertheless it's a nice idea to include one. Bavarian girl actually has a nice dress, I think the cloth looks better than printed legs would (at least from the pictures). Scientist might be another one I'd to my collection, but she doesn't look very special. Pink icecream from the waitress in a lovely accessory, but I'm not sure about the fig. Also the gingerbread man is a nice idea, it even looks nice, but I can't see it being used as a giant cookie in a bakery. All in all, it's nice to see new minifig designs coming in and bringing new details to minifigs.

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I really like this set. There's a good mix of characters and some great designs. And it looks like we get 4 different figures with arm printing, that's a record for the CMF line.

Despite what everyone else thinks, I really like the barbarian. I can see a lot of uses for him as a viking, gladiator or even as a barbarian.

My favourite figures of this series are the Barbarian, scarecrow, tiki warrior, elf, constable and the cat. The only figures I'm not interested in are the 2 robots and the mountain climber.

Is the bavarian girl wearing a hairpiece from the friends line?

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Since it seems like the thing to do, here's what I'm thinking...

Full discloser, I love the CMF series but I'm also broke so I have to choose carefully the ones I get.

Yeti - It's cool, just not my cup of tea

Evil Mech - Has a bit of a retro feel to it.

Welder - Actually one of my favorite city characters, I may end up springing for this one.

Lady Robot - I likely won't get it, though I do love the key in her back.

Jazz Musician - YES YES YES! I will certainly be getting this, I love the Blues Brothers look/

Constable - Exactly the kind of officer I was hoping for, the night stick completes the look.

Holiday Elf - The elf teeth kind of scare me...

Bavarian Lady - Rather interesting, I do like the apron.

Scarecrow - So unique, I can't wait for this one.

Mountain Climber - He is definitely a step up over the skydiver, the rope is a nice touch.

Grandma - I was rather disappointed with her, but she does look very much like many grandmas I've seen, plus it was the first one my wife liked.

Tiki Warrior - The mask is awesome, I want one.

Gingerbread Man - I am impressed with TLG stepping out just a bit with this one. And we get two holiday characters in this series, very nice!

Barbarian - He kind of looks like Mel Gibson, rather boring though.

Dinner Waitress - I see what they were going for, but the yellow almost makes her look naked. Really could have been so much more.

Scientist - As good as a scientist can get I reckon.

In closing, here's what I will be getting.

Must have:Jazz musician, Tiki Warrior, Scarecrow

Would like: Welder, Constable, Gingerbread man

Avoiding: Robot, Evil Mech, Waitress, Barbarian

Now I'm going to start reading the opinion of everyone else...this should be fun!

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YES YES YES YES YES! Mafioso! Finally! :laugh:

@EDIT: Facepalm... It's Jazz Musican ._.

"The Series 11 Minifigure are apparently for sale in Poland!"

I will buy it tomorrow.

Edited by MatiPasio

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I must be the only one who likes the mountain climber. he fits in perfectly with the two skiers and two snowboarders we have already. If you look at the mountain climbers torso his chest emblem has a medical star on top of a mountain peak. Which seems to signify that this is mountain rescue not just a mountain climber.Also the red of his outfit would suggest that too. Give this guy a ski-mobile or rescue helicopter and he'll look a lot better and make more sense.

Of course I could be wrong and Lego intended him to be nothing more than a rock climber. I'm going to get a few and have a mountain rescue team. It'll fit in well with the forest fire and police City sets from last year.

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