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Hey guys!

Here are some custom figures I created a little while ago.


I used quite a few Brickwarriors and BrickForge parts.

Here's the story I wrote for them...

The Order of Areani was founded long time ago, after King Alphundus was killed, and the three brothers split the kingdom. Prince Lorean feared the fate of his father, so he formed a special band of knights, called the Areani. These men swore to protect the prince from any danger that might threaten him. The present Order is rather numerous and wields great power within Roawia. The duties of the members are now more varied as well. and the Order's influence and power continue to expand. They field elite cohorts for the Loreesi armies, and did great service during the first swamp campaign.

Fear the Order!

For the Glory of Loreos!!!



The standard outfit and equipment for the members of the Areani.

Wielding straight swords and round shields, their simplistic weapons hold a nasty surprise for those who would turn their backs on justice, and more importantly, on the Prince of Loreos.

Their armor is perfectly designed to allow full freedom of movement, meaning they can run and fight with perfect agility and ease. Their training is the best imaginable to the point where complex maneuvers are instinctive.

Whether it be the top of the highest cathedral, or the deepest darkest swamp, they know where you are.


Desert scouts are the snipers, rangers, and special forces of the Order.

Wielding composite bows and a variety of curved swords, javelins, and other weapons, their more unique tactics complement perfectly the Standard Areani Knights on their various missions abroad.


Thanks For viewing, and have a great day! :classic:

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Love em!

They look great. Do you have a template you use when you cut/shape the cloaks or just free hand?

I've been trying to use leather for my cloaks but tracing the originals make them feel too small and free handing them is hit or miss.

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I have commented on these before on other forums. But will comment here also.

These are awesome Mark, you have improved them alot. And I just wait and see what you will do next to the Order of Areani. :sweet:

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