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[MOC] Turbo Vipers - novvember

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I recently got into building Vic Vipers and started messing around with LDD2POVRAY to render models. So far i have a set of 3 done, even though 1 technically isn't a viper, with a 4th one in the works.

For the designs in this series i went with a Hotrod/Vic Viper blend.

Here are my current Turbo Vipers.


Lightning by AzMiLion, on Flickr


Annihilator by AzMiLion, on Flickr


Thunderer - Vic Viper by AzMiLion, on Flickr

Feedback/criticism would be appreciated, I know I don't use legal part colours in some cases, This is because I usually work in LDD and don't often build a physical model.

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Thanks for all the replies, i finished work on the fourth vehicle in the set. This one is more of a mix between smooth lines and hard edges, using more constructed parts instead of prebuilt bits, combing them with Hero Factory to get larger smooth areas on the model.


Justicar by AzMiLion, on Flickr

It's not quite done yet considering I still need to remodel the engines into different bits entirely but this give a decent idea of where i'm going with this design. The colourscheme is not final yet but it probably won't change radically.

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