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New to Lego!

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Hey Folks

Lego has always been my favorite toy as a child but unfortunately I was dirt poor so the thought of ever having Lego was not an option. When I finally made money I was in college (2007) so who play Lego in college? Fast-forward now to 5 years later, and my interest in Lego has skyrocketed! Looking through I regret not getting Lego earlier. There are so many wonderful set from 2005 to 2010 that I wish I could get my hand on without having to overpay. I think it wasn't until Lego city (2005) that Lego model became so much better and by that time I had lost interest in Lego since I was in high school. While I was growing up, from 1995 to 2004, the Lego model weren't as good as these new one starting in 2005.

But the old saying goes "it better late than never" and I guess that ring true for Lego as well. I do find some of the older set are better design and made than the newer set. For example, old harbor vs new harbor, old fire station vs new fire station, old MF vs new MF, and etc...

As an adult male, it is odd that I am very interested in the friends theme only because it the only theme right now that contains a lot of building and all of the building have base-plate It is also relatively cheaper than other themes as well. There is just no way I can build a city quick without the friends theme because the only real big play-set for Lego city is the police station. There is also the castle medieval market village which I'm also planning to get as well.

I do like many of these new themes with friends being my favorite. I'm not a fan of monster hunter, dino as much because it still missing a few sets that would make it complete. However, as a huge LOTR fans, I'm mighty disappointed with the LOTR line. I feel that while it design look cool it is overall very small, pricey, and doesn't offer much play-ability. For $70 dollars I would have more fun and more play-ability with Olivia's house than Helm Deep. I still don't understand how Weathertop is $60 retail price? It look like $30 at most. The same can be set about the Star Wars Jabba Palace which retail in the U.S at $120 when I wouldn't even buy it if it was for $50. I understand that license theme cost more but not $70 dollars more.

I look forward to my new journey through Lego and any advice or suggestion would be appreciated.

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Hi there Chri5kng.

Yeah I guess those are dilemmas and sacrifices we all had to make... nothing is as perfect as we would like to be, but the good thing is that it alltogether gives us a lot of lessons and determination :sweet:

There's pelenty of people who wish they would buy/start their Lego adventure earlier, me among them. A new term "Dark Age" is clearly understandable by everyone here at some point to... :wink:

And I do agree that a lot of things changed for better or worse. That's what happens with every company and product. Luckily Lego still has a lot to offer and continues it's tradition of one of the friendliest approaches to it's clients that I know. So everything we wish can possibly happen :sweet:

Anyway... Welcome to Eurobricks :thumbup:

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