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Hi, once every year I reward myself with a LEGO weekend. This year I had 3 projects and I want to show you the result of one specific; "life in concert". For some time I have these bridge elements and I have been thinking for some time now what to build with it. During this years LEGO weekend I planned to make a nice building with it. First I made some rough ideas, like building a bank, or a cinema, or a cinema combined with a concert-hall. When I came up with the concert-hall, I decided to start with building a bandstand with a stage. Allthough I used some ideas for some instruments from other MOC builders, the framework for the bandstand is my own idea, as well as the lights and speakers (also monitor speakers). As I don not have a lot of town models, I do not have a lot of town minifigs. Most of the minifigs I used come from train sets, as my main minifig suply originates there :classic: . Enough talking, lets show some pics...


I start building at 22:00 and I finished 6:00 the next day (a bit sleepy :hmpf_bad: ), so it took me about 8 hours to build it.


It was fun building it, aspecialy some details of instruments like piano, drums and backing vocals. Of coarse there are also some groupies in the audience


If you are interesed in some more pics, you can find it here.

I hope all link workout fine, this was my first posting in Eurobricks...

Bricking regards, Maarten

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Excellent work 'brick around the clock''re going to brick, brick, brick all night long ! :laugh:

Brick On 'batc' ! :wink:

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